Cinnamons and Antonyms, Happy Dance, & How-To Writing Unit!

Last night, I did a little happy dance in my living room.  I made the Top 100 Sellers list on TeachersPayTeachers! I was number 52 when I logged in.  YAY!!  I sold my first item on February 6th and I can’t believe the whirlwind of excitement that has happened since then!  It’s a wonderful feeling to know the materials you make for your own students are also making their way into other schools and students’ lives!  🙂  Keep reading for a little “celebration giveaway” at the end of my post.

We had a fun, amusing, merry, entertaining, and delightful time learning about synonyms and antonyms this week!  In fact, it was not the horrible, awful, terrible, painful, dreadful, and monstrous learning some of my kiddos thought it would be.  

We played some interactive synonym and antonym games from GameGoo on the computers.  
We also played Antonym Acting!  We acted out antonyms with some multi-sensory learning. I said a word such as happy, and they would have to then “act out” the antonym of the word.  They loved this! We acted out the antonyms for words such as fast, catch, hot, mean, tired, and go.  
Then we made Synonym Buns!!   I found this idea through Jordon’s blog, Life is Better Messy Anyways.  Each student was given a different word and looked up synonyms for the word from the thesaurus.  They were so surprised to see how many synonyms they found for their words.
We shared our new and interesting words with each other as our *real* “synonym buns” were baking!  Yum!  It was a great treat to eat after we took our synonym/antonym assessment.

At the end of the day, we do a recap on what we learned.  When I asked them what their favorite part was, they told me “cinnamons and antonyms!”  Me: “No, no, it’s syn-no-nyms.” Kiddos: “Ohh…cin-o-mins.”   Haha, I think we’ll review pronunciation keys next week. 🙂
“Mini-Giveaway Celebration”
This past week, I posted my latest TPT item, “A How-To Writing Unit for Kids!”  It has all the materials you will need to make some fun, hands-on projects: a PBJ sandwich and a S’more!  Each activity comes with a complete set of picture sequencing cards for independent or whole-class work.  It also includes additional expository writing activity pages, rubrics, differentiated planning pages and final copy templates, a class book cover for students to write about their own “how-to” topics, a poster, enlarged transition word cards, and individual student charts for transition words.

Here’s “How-To” win this unit:  
I usually give my new units out to the first 5 followers who post a comment.  But in celebration of being on the Top 100 Sellers list this week, I’m giving this unit free to first *15* followers who leave me a comment with their e-mail address. Yay! 🙂
 Catch: You must include some synonyms and antonyms in your comment. 😉 Have fun!
Happy Learning,

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  1. I love the cinnamon synonym idea ~ it is sweet and tasty. I would love to use your unit in my classroom (I know some of my kids may be perturbed at first they will be happy with their results from the packet. Congratulations on 100!

    Synonym -> sweet / tasty
    Antonym -> perturbed / happy, love / hate

    Check out my blog and TPT store for some freebies and fun!

  2. I would definitely be happy and not at all sad to get this awesome, amazing, terrific, fantastic unit! I know my students would have fun and not be bored. I love to have fun, exciting things for them to make them think and ponder. And this will help me create and make that kind of environment for my kids or children in my class. They love, not hate, but LOVE new, and sometimes old, but mostly new things to work on! Thanks for this great, wonderful, fantastic opportunity! 🙂

  3. Thank you everyone!! 🙂 The unit has been emailed to the first 15 followers. I really enjoyed reading all of your creative synonym and antonym comments. They definitely made me laugh! 🙂

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