Christmas Fun!

It’s Christmas break! I was so, so happy to be able to sleep in this weekend and have time to just relax.  We had a busy week in first grade before winter break.  Here are some of the fun things we did last week!

We traveled around the world and learned all about Christmas in other countries. My students had a blast as we jumped on the Wagers 108 Jet Stream (Room 108 is our classroom number and the kids helped me choose the name of our airplane!) and made souvenirs to pack into our suitcases. Our souvenirs all came from Christina Bainbridge

We made koala bears for Australia, a pickle to hide in our tree from Germany, and bird ornaments from Brazil!

We tried our best at making origami Christmas trees when we traveled to Japan!
On Friday, I set up three Christmas Stations for the kids.  We spent the morning traveling through the three stations.  Two of the stations contained Santa Science Experiments from Andrea Knight.  Her pack is adorable and my kids had a blast!
The first station was Stocking Senses.  I filled six mini stockings with objects.  The kids had to first guess what was in the stocking by using their sense of smell.  Then, they got to see if their hypothesis was correct! I had the following objects in the stockings: an orange slice, cinnamon, a chocolate chip cookie, a Hershey’s kiss, a pine cone, and peppermint. 
The second station was Santa’s Cookie Investigation.  The kids had to predict which cookie would float the longest: a gingerbread cookie, a sugar cookie, or a chocolate marshmallow cookie.  Most of my kids predicted the sugar cookie would float the longest because it was the smallest. (The chocolate marshmallow cookies looked pretty big in comparison.) However, we discovered the marshmallow cookie floated the longest because it had the most air in it! 

My third station used our tablets.  My kids spend their time on our tablets with word work, reading, and math apps.  On Friday, I let them have fun with some Christmas apps I found in the Google Play store.  We played a Christmas Memory Game and a Color By Number game! Click each picture below to download the app from the Google Play Store. Both apps are free! 🙂
We also learned all about using commas in a series this week.  We made these cute reindeer from A Cupcake For The Teacher.  You can find her pack by clicking HERE
We ended our day by watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and other old-fashioned classic Christmas cartoons while we enjoyed juice and cookies.  We also made magic reindeer food with oatmeal and gold glitter to sprinkle on our lawns on Christmas Eve! 
I hope everyone had a fantastic last week of school before winter break.  I know I’m excited to spend time with family, rest, and re-energize before our last half of the school year!  Thanks for visiting and taking a look at what we’ve been up to! 🙂

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