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Wednesday’s Pinterest Pick of the Week

Tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet.  Tomorrow morning I’m headed out of town with some co-workers for a little spring break shopping trip.  Fingers crossed, I find a dress for my bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who made such kind comments about my Picnic Unit! You are all so sweet! 🙂

Tonight’s Pinterest Pick of the Week is more of an organizational idea.  I have always used a magnetic surface for my Writer’s Workshop board. Students simply move their magnet to the writing process they are currently working on.  In my new classroom next year, this will not be possible.  There is very little magnetic surface.  I found this pin on Pinterest and thought it was a great way to allow students to still move their choices but keep things simple, without taking up much space.  It mirrors the clipboard system that so many of us use. 

Writer's Workshop Chart
My second Pinterest Pick is an organizational tool for individual conferences.  This year, I have a binder for reading conferences with my students.  I started the year thinking it was amazing! I was excited to start one-on-one reading meetings with each of my students and work toward doing them quickly and efficiently like The Sisters.  Boy, was I wrong! The binder is not.working.for.me. It takes me a million years to find the student’s page and while I could tab things, it just seems like a mess.  I like this idea of using Post-It Note sized squares to keep a sticky note of information for each student.  Then, the Post-It note could be kept there until the next conference for the teacher to see where he or she left off, before a new goal for the child was posted.  This seems a lot easier to keep track of and I’m excited to give this a try next year! 
File folder and sticky note system to record student conferences...This would also be great for individual students for parent conferences
That’s it for tonight!  I’m off to bed so that I have lots of energy for shopping tomorrow! 🙂
Happy Learning,

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