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Quiet Chants, Comment Giveaway, and Clip Chart!

This summer, I redid my behavior “system” and used the idea from Rick Morris’ Clip Chart. Morris explains his system in his online, pdf book that you can read for free by clicking here. This idea is not new by any means in the world of teaching blogs, but I thought I would post pictures of mine anyways, along with some of my favorite quiet chants I use in my classroom.
I changed my system after noticing all the wonderful children I had in my classroom who never once had to move their clip down for misbehaving. This led to my clip chart being considered only a negative resource in our classroom. I now LOVE that green stands for Ready To Learn and is no longer the highest color possible. After all, I consider myself a teacher who holds high expectations in the classroom, so why should my students get to start on green for simply walking through the door and doing what they are supposed to?

When my students reach the top of the chart (purple) they get to add some *bLiNg* to their clip! 🙂 They love this and we make it a special moment in our classroom with applause and praise. When a child’s clip becomes fully covered in gems, I put a magnet on it, the child takes it home to place on his refrigerator, and he gets a new clip to *bLiNg* out! 🙂

I’m also a HUGE fan of quiet chants and cheers to get students’ attention. Here are some of my favorites that I use in my classroom. What are YOUR favorite quiet chants, cheers, or signals?? I will give away a copy of my latest TPT product, a Blubber Busters science experiment, to the first 10 people who share their ideas and leave comments! 🙂 Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address so I can send it to you!  A preview of the product is below. Click the picture to jump to my TPT store for Blubber Busters!

Happy Learning!

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  1. Oh I'd love a copy! 🙂 We also do "Tootsie Roll, lollie pop" and my kids LOVE it!! I also say "1, 2, 3, eyes on me" and they reply with "1, 2, eyes on you!" This one is fun because I whisper it, say it in an accent, etc. I am a fan of whole brain teaching and we have started doing "Class….yes…" and it has been working so well to get their attention.

    Loving & Learning in Pre-K

  2. I would love a copy of your experiment! We also do "Hocus Pocus." I frequently will do this one: "If you can hear me, put your finger on your head. If you can hear me, put your finger on your….." This goes on in a whispered voice until I have everyone's attention and say, "If you can hear me, put a finger on your lips, zip your lips"

    Thank you for sharing your other quiet chants!


  3. What great chants!! I love them and will have to try them in my classroom. I usually just turn the lights off which means rest your head on your desk quietly. Then when I turn them back on all eyes must be on me. I also sometimes hold 3 fingers up then slowly put them down, the students that notice get quiet until most or all are quiet. If anyone is talking after my last finger goes down they get a mark or some other consequence. I've seen other teachers just clap some pattern with their hands and the students have to repeat it as they get quiet. But I love your cheers! I am a new follower. 🙂


  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! These are great! Your freebie was sent. Stacey and Mrs. Cupcake, don't forget to post your e-mail so I can send you the Blubber Busters experiment. 🙂

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