Our Week in Pictures!

We were busy learners in Room 108 this week!  Here are a few of the things we did:

It was Earth Week central in first grade!  We used the fabulous Amy Lemon’s Earth Day Craftivity Unit to create Dirt Pudding.  We took notes on our steps as we created the dirt pudding.  The following day, we turned these notes into explanatory writing pieces.  Yum!

We also learned all about earthworms this week.  We reviewed the behaviors a reader uses when reading a nonfiction book.  We created this anchor chart as we read an informative fiction book (Diary of a Worm) and a true nonfiction book.

(I realize worms do not have eyes. We talked about how they “see” with light and sense organs. I explained it as their organs act like their “eyes”. Before I had realized it, I had written eyes down on the chart while I was talking. Oops!)
After our research was completed, my students wrote these beautiful informational writing pieces about earthworms.  They turned out great!

Yesterday we did some more research about Earth Day from my own Earth Day Writing Pack.  The students once again got into small groups of four and traveled through 6 different stations.  At each station, they took turns scanning the QR code with our Nexus Tablets and reading about different topics such as recycling, conserving energy, ways to reduce and reuse material, and much more!  We had a lot of fun!

We also wrapped up our motion science learning from my Forces & Motion Science Unit for Kids.  We did a few more experiments this week.  When I gave the motion assessment on Friday, I was really happy with the results.  My kids learned a lot about friction, forces, and energy over these past two weeks.  
In math, we reviewed the concepts of place value with both 2 and 3 digit numbers.  We are finished with all of the packets in our math books, so I’m having to be more creative with my math lessons as we review and expand on concepts during this last month of school.  This week, we played a place value game to kick off our math block each day.
For this game, every student was given a sticker that was placed on his/her back.  The sticker had various ways to name numbers.  Students traveled around the room and recorded each friend’s two or three digit number on a recording sheet.  Fun and active learning! 🙂

 Whew! I’m glad it’s the weekend.  This past week was a bit exhausting.  Next week, we have a field trip on Wednesday.  Yay! The best part of a field trip is, of course, getting to wear jeans in the middle of the week.  (and the life experience and real world learning that takes place for the kids, of course.) The worst part for me is riding the bus.  I get such horrible motion sickness in cars, buses, trains, spaceships – you name it.   I’ll be making a trip to to the store in a bit to pick up some Dramamine to be prepared.  We’re going to a museum.  This week in guided reading, we read a lot of nonfiction books.  During each book, one kid would ultimately say “We’re probably going to see one of these at the museum next week.”  I’m counting on a few kids being disappointed on Wednesday.  We’re NOT going to be see a real live dinosaur, an astronaut, or an entire group of elephants at this particular museum. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog to find out what we did this week! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  

Happy Learning,

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