Christmas Bible Trivia Game with QR Codes FREEBIE! :)

Today I’m going to share a little random freebie with you that you might be able to use over the next few days!  This past week, I was in charge of planning an activity for the bible group my husband and I are a part of.  Naturally, the first grade teacher and TpT author in me gravitated to my laptop and something I could make into a game!

I created a Christmas Bible Trivia game mixed in with a little scavenger hunt for bible verses! I showed this on my Instagram account earlier this week and many people wanted to use it for their family gatherings, church groups, or even a gathering with friends!

To play, each group or partner pair received a pack of the 10 trivia cards below.  Players read the question and scanned the QR code. The QR code takes the players to a bible verse that contains the answer to the trivia question.  The first group to turn in their answer sheet with ALL 10 questions correct was the first place winner! We had so much fun!

There are 10 cards in this little game. Here’s a picture of one  of the pages:
Players answer the questions on the coordinating recording sheet.
An answer sheet is included, as well.
To grab this game for your own family or event, click HERE.
Have fun!  I hope you all have a wonderful winter break and get some much needed rest!

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