Springtime Success & April Just Print Fluency!

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of the year in first grade when I find myself shaking my head…in awe! I look around at my little firsties and my thoughts drift back to those first few weeks of school.  My little friends who once made me wonder, “Will they EVER be able to blend a simple CVC word?” now make me think, “WOW! They are actually READING and reading WELL!” 

Springtime is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Not just because I am tired of the snow and thankful for some sunshine, but because I can look around my room and think, “Yes!! We have conquered our reading goals!”

While I’m proud of every.single.student’s reading abilities in my classroom, I do have a few little ones who need reinforcement and reteaching in order to keep their fluency abilities up. I love using my Just Print Fluency Packs for small group time, intervention time, and of course, our weekly classroom poetry time! 

April’s Just Print Fluency Pack is now available in my store! Yay!!
You can find it HERE
Or click on any of the pictures below. Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside!
 Here are some of the fun ways you could use these monthly packs! The various sections on the fluency pack make it easy to integrate into many areas of your day!
 This month’s pack has five great passages with a spring theme! It covers some fictional passages, an informative recycling passage, and an Easter pack! The picture cues help struggling readers feel SUPER successful as they read!
 The poem section is always a favorite of mine for these packs! We collect all of our poems in our binder and add a couple new poems each week. During the last week, we review all of our poems and have a little “Poetry Party!” (A poetry party is simply sitting on TOP of our desks to read our poems.  Oh…it’s the little things, isn’t it?!) 😉
 The phonics spinners this month covers mixed long a words, mixed long e words, mixed long i words, and mixed long o words. There is also a spinner page for two syllable words with suffixes. These make fabulous warm-ups for the small group table! My kids will often take a seat and immediately start spinning and decoding a column on the page! Great to warm up our reading brains!
 5 plays are included in the pack. These plays are short and manageable, but very engaging! Kids can take turns playing both parts of the play and practice reading with LOTS of expression! 🙂 These are great for buddy reading time. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed taking an inside look at April’s Just Print Fluency Pack
Sometime this week, take a look around your classroom and SMILE! Your kiddos have made SO much growth and YOU should be super proud of yourself for getting them there! I’ll be back on Friday with a blog post about the activities and lessons I used to teach Determining Importance to my kiddos a few weeks ago! 🙂 
Thanks for stopping by!

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