Type and Write Laptop Word Work Freebie!

Happy Friday!
Tonight’s blog post is going to be super, super short and sweet. 
Would you believe me if I told you past week was our first full, five day week since….
wait for it….
It’s true.  And as a result, I am Tired with a capital T! 🙂
I wanted to add a new little activity to our word work bins next week that was simple to make and easy to use!    My kiddos can always use typing practice, and they also need to keep practicing their spelling their words by writing them out. (We practice weekly sight words for our work work center.)  
First, the students “type” their word (Use a word list or they can type a word from the word wall.) on the “keyboard” on the little laptop. 
Next, students write the word onto the “screen” with a dry erase marker. Please the laptop in a sheet protector to make this page write on/wipe off. 
Last, students will repeat the process of typing and writing until the word appears on the “screen” three times! 🙂
I told my students they must press the “DELETE” button the keyboard or use the “BACKSPACE” button to “erase” the word before they practiced the next word on their list! 🙂
 As I mentioned on my Facebook page, you can download this little word work freebie below by clicking HERE or on the picture.  Enjoy!!
Another word work activity that I love is to use old, real keyboards to allow students to practice typing skills and spelling skills.  My kids have been using the actual keyboards during indoor recess all month, so these pages add a little “freshness” to our bins! 🙂 
This very tired teacher is headed to bed a bit early tonight!
 Thank you so much for stopping by!

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