NEW Fluency Spinners and a Freebie!

I think all TpT sellers get excited about the creations we make. But then…there are those few creations when you just KNOW you’ve created something really special for your students.
I had that kind of a feeling this week!!
Do you have those students who could use an extra boost in phonics instruction and decoding skills? I DO!! I knew that I needed to create something just like my Sight Word Fluency Passages for Reading Intervention…..but with a focus on PHONICS.  
And for kicks, let’s put a little SPIN on it, shall we?!
I’m super excited to introduce my newest Fluency Series to you…..
You are going to fall in L-O-V-E with this pack!  It’s interactive, engaging, and just right for beginning and struggling readers.  This pack will allow you to bridge your phonics instruction in word families with your reading groups.  Plus, it’s FUN for kids! They will think they are playing a game. In reality, they are working on several key reading skills!
First, students will read the passage. Then, use a pencil and a paperclip to spin the spinner and complete the three reading tasks!  Students will have a blast as they identify and read all of the targeted phonics words within the passage, reread the passage for fluency development, and underline two specific words as they look back and reread the text.  It’s THAT easy! But guess what?! Little do your students know, this easy cheesy intervention requires them to do A LOT of rereading – therefore increasing not only their fluency but their word attack skills, their comprehension, and most importantly, their CONFIDENCE as they begin to read!
This first edition contains 35 short vowel word families for your little readers.  I will be posting the next edition this summer, which will contain *long vowel* passages.  That edition will be followed by vowel teams and then r-controlled vowels, too!  I am SO excited to use this pack with my kids in the fall – I know it will be a perfect level for them and a great way to build reading skills as I introduce and teach word families within our classroom.
The passage below is a FREE passage that you can print off and use with your kids as a “try it before you buy it” opportunity!  You can get this free passage in the PREVIEW download in my TpT Store.  
Download the preview download to get the passage below for free by clicking HERE.
Grab this new pack by clicking HERE or clicking the picture below!
I have one more thing to share with you before I go.  You’ll want to pay REALLY close attention because it’s SUPER exciting! In the next week, I will be having an awesome giveaway that will ONLY be available to followers of my TpT store!  That’s right.  If you’re not a follower of my TpT store, you will not be able to be eligible to win.  The giveaway will not be hosted on my blog but in a secret location that only TpT followers will find out about! 🙂 Ahhh how fun is that?!?!
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 Thank you so much for visiting my blog and checking out my latest reading product. 🙂 Tomorrow we are celebrating my little cousin’s graduation from high school with a graduation party. I guess he is not so little anymore! 🙂 He would probably roll his eyes, but I remember the first day I held him and gave him a bottle!! <3 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be back Monday for “Monday Made It” to share the centerpieces I made for his party! 🙂

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