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20 Days of Good Behavior

The month of May reminds me of the Allstate mayhem commercials.  It always seems like we have a couple little sweeties who, out of nowhere, suddenly forget our classroom rules.  The sun starts to shine and it inevitably soaks up their ability to recall the high expectations I’ve worked so hard to instill.  I always have to break out a new behavior plan in May to keep things fresh and exciting.  It helps to keep our learning atmosphere going and reminds my little sweeties of how to make good choices.  It’s always something super lame amazing that makes my kids “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” with delight.  

Last year, I used Kristen’s Angry Bird plan.  It was awesome!  I highly recommend!  I went to use it again on Monday until I realized I couldn’t remember where I had put the laminated Angry Birds  I created last year.  I do know I put them in a place where I would not forget them.  I also know that every time I tell myself that, I usually can never remember where that special place is.  

This year, I used my co-worker, Rachel from ABSeymour’s,  end of the year behavior count-down idea.  You can read all about it and find a link to her activity by clicking {HERE}. It’s such a cute idea.  Actually, it’s genius.  She has different activities on the back of cut-out stars.  Every day, any child who is on green or higher on the clip chart gets to do the fun activity or special treat that is behind the star at the end of the day. Any children who are on yellow or below have to sit out.   This sounds a little harsh, until I remind myself that by May, my kids know my expectations by heart and they are all very capable of meeting them.

I used Rachel’s idea and simply created 20 QR codes. One QR code for every day of school we have left.  I had them up on the board when the kids walked in on Monday morning. 

It WORKS! The kids get SO excited for the last 10 minutes of the day!  They have been working so hard and making great choices in order to get to do the “QR Activity” as they’ve been calling it.  At the end of the day, we scan the QR code with my iPad so that it shows up on our Apple TV.  It brings up a little activity they can do such as an extra 10 minutes of recess, doodling on their whiteboards for a few minutes, switching seats with a friend, or anything that is simple for me and fun for them! On Monday, our QR code said “Sidewalk Chalk.”  They had so much fun with that one!
If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids on-track with behavior until that very last day of school, this is an idea to think about! 🙂  Rachel’s whole packet with the complete count-down activity can be found in her TPT shop HERE.    
If you want to make your own QR codes, I used this website to create mine:  http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
Here’s a screen shot of the website. I typed directions into the text portion of the picture for you. 
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope this little idea can help you keep your kids on the right behavior track during these last few weeks of school! 🙂
Happy Learning,

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    1. You don't need to have a website. 🙂 You just need to copy/paste the QR codes and print them. The info is housed in the QR code. You type any text you want into the QR Code Maker. Then every time it is scanned, that text will show up on your phone or iPad. 🙂

  1. Love your blog! We are just learning how to get into building a blog site and were wondering if you could give us some advice. How or where do we learn to add background, fonts, and clip art to our product? We are trying to figure out how to cute up our products. Thanks so much for taking time for us,
    Carol & Tina

  2. I also teach 1st grade but have not done the 20 countdown before. I love QR codes but have not made my own yet. I was wondering if you have these for purchase? I'm not very creative, so I am always looking for new ideas.
    Can you email me back please either way?
    Thanks, Jackie

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