Wordless Wednesday: February 11th – Quick & Easy Vocabulary Warm-Up!

I’m breaking my own rule today….but I really want to share this vocabulary activity I did with my kids yesterday! I’ll try to keep it short. 🙂
Here’s a quick idea to build vocabulary and schema into your small reading group before you present your students with text:
Pull out 6-8 meaningful words from the text you are going to read that day. Have the words on sticky notes. As your kids come to the table, they will sit down in front of a word of their choice.  Give them a minute to think of their word and tell the group what it means (If they didn’t know, we helped each other, or I helped them understand what it meant.)  
Now, place all the sticky notes in the center of the table.  Ask your kids: What do these words all have in common?  How are these words related to each other?    
Let your kids discuss their thinking and build schema with these words before they read the text. When they DO get their hands on the text, they will have already been immersed in the vocabulary they will need, made connections among the words, and they’re now excited and interested in what they are going to learn about and read today! 
Have fun! Link up your own picture below or use the links to browse and visit other blogs and photographs this week! 🙂 

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