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Our CAFE Weekend In Pictures! :)

I’m going to put my weekend into three words for you:  funny, refreshing, and encouraging!

The funny parts come from my co-worker, Rachel at A-B-Seymour.  The two of us set off to Chicago in our rental car early Saturday morning.  

First, take note of the 500lb suitcase Rachel brought with her.  She was prepared to stay in the windy city for a month instead of 2 days, until I reminded her of all the sub plans that would require…  

We also spent the first 20 minutes of our trip trying to find the cruise control button for the 7 hour drive that was ahead of us, until we discovered  our little Yar-Yar (We decided our Toyota Yaras needed a name for the weekend.) did not come with cruise control.  Let’s just say Rachel was one unhappy driver. 

When we got to the hotel, this is what we saw on our way to the front desk! We were so excited to meet them that of course we snuck into the convention room to get a peek at where we would be on Monday. 

Saturday was my birthday, so after we reached the hotel we did a lot of shopping at a beautiful mall that was across the street from us.  Then, we went to Cheesecake Factory.  Yum!
The next day, we were off to Chicago to sight see and of course, do some more shopping. We hopped on the train and took it into the city.  
My first time on a train!
Chicago River
Deep Dish Pizza
We thought this lady was a statue…until she started moving. 
On Friday, we told our kids they would have a substitute because their first grade teachers were going to Chicago together to learn about the Daily 5.  We also told them “Mrs. Wagers and Mrs. Seymour are tight. We’re hanging out this weekend.” They got such a kick out of that.  I think they thought it was hilarious that their teachers would “hang out” outside of school.  So, of course we had to keep this joke going with our kids and show off our friendship bracelets to them at school this week! 
We also visited the Chicago Beam.  
It was fun to see all the creative pictures everyone was taking.

Chicago Skyline
Of course, the reason we were in Chicago was to learn about CAFE!  Let me tell you, it was amazing and I even started conferring with my top readers today during Daily 5.  I got more instruction out of 5 minutes with each of these students than I normally do in a 15-20 minute small group.  It was great!!   I can’t wait to share all of the wonderful things we learned from The 2 Sisters (They were so nice!), but I am unfortunately still exhausted from our trip and promise to share all of this with you in the next couple of days. 🙂  
Thanks for catching up with me! Stop back soon to read about everything we learned at our CAFE conference!
Happy Learning, 

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  1. What a great weekend! Meeting the sisters WOW!
    I loved visiting Chicago.
    And those bracelets look great! I'ts funny when kids get surprised because we have a LIFE 🙂

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