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Ladybug Arrival & Nonfiction Board Games!

Monday was a very exciting day in second grade!  We returned from the weekend to find out that our ladybugs had arrived!  All ten ladybugs had emerged from their pupas over the weekend. We had a lot of fun observing them, learning about them, and writing about them!  

Yesterday, it was time to say goodbye to our little spotted friends.  We took them out into the yard and waited for them to fly out of their “ladybug land.”  

We waited.

                    And we waited.

                                                   And we waited.

Once it started to rain, it was time to take mother nature into my own hands.  The kids were a bit horrified as I violently shook the little ladybugs out of their home and they came tumbling onto the grass.  (They are actually tough little critters – they were just fine!) Finally – they were free!! We wished them good luck and watched them fly and crawl away. 🙂

Our ladybugs were a source of all kinds of informational writing over the past two weeks! Instead of a typical “report” or book that we might often do, I decided to switch up our writer’s workshop this week with an alternative project. 

We each created Nonfiction Board Games!  Ohh my, this was SO fun!! The kids had a blast.  They had to each create 14 true or false cards to go with their games. Each card had to have a true or false statement or fact on something we learned about ladybugs.  This was also a follow-up to our fact or opinion mini-lessons that we completed last week.  

After they created their cards, they had to write a set of directions for their board games.  Wow! This was very difficult for some of my kiddos.  I was challenging them by reading their directions aloud and asking them all kinds of questions: “Well…how do I win your game…?” “What if I get the question wrong? You didn’t tell me what to do…”    🙂 They finally got the hang of this and the result?  Description & lots of details!  Yay!! 

 After they wrote directions, it was time to create our board games! They were so proud of their nonfiction creations.  I noticed many of my students starting new nonfiction board games this afternoon.  Most of them were creating their new cards on the animal they wrote their ABC book about.  (Read about my ABC books by clicking HERE.) It was a great way to practice writing facts and putting information in their own words. 
Tomorrow morning we will be playing each other’s board games and then taking them home for the weekend to share with our families. Who said nonfiction writing has to be boring?! 
Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I am off to grade some quarterly math tests and prepare a bit for a common core pacing meeting tomorrow.
🙂 Happy Learning, 

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