A Peek At Our Week In Pictures & Winner Announced!

Today I’m excited to announce the winner of my 400+ Follower Giveaway!  

The winner is… Katie & Lisen at Second Grade Smarty Pants!  Congratulations!  They will be able to do some TpT shopping on me with a $25.00 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Certificate!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I met many new friends and was able to visit some great new blogs!   

My weekend was filled with coaching the girls during a football game Friday night, a beautiful baby shower on Saturday, and church and cleaning the house today.  My husband and I have a condo on the lake and we’ve had some water damage in our laundry room with all of the rain lately.  Needless to say, we spent the majority of today dealing with all of that.  Not fun! 

Today I’m going to share pictures with you of some of the learning activities my little firsties and I did last week.

We’ve been busy being “Nonfiction Experts” in Room 108.  We have been reading lots of nonfiction books about owls.  On Friday, we gathered all of the information we’ve collected this week and wrote informational facts about owls.  Here are a couple of student samples. 

 Female owls are bigger than male owls.
Owls can attach their prey.
We also identified the differences between fiction books and nonfiction books. Over the next two weeks, we will dig deeper into nonfiction text as we study nonfiction text features such as captions, glossaries, table of contents, labels, close-ups, and the index of a text.  
On Friday, students were put into small groups of 4-5.  Each group was given a book bin with a mixture of fiction and nonfiction books.  Students worked together to sort their books into a fiction pile and nonfiction pile.  They also had to be ready to tell me why they put each book in the particular pile.  They did a great job!

I don’t make crafts with my students unless there is some kind of academic activity tied to it (a writing activity, science project, etc.).  We made these cute owl craftivities and used our knowledge of place value from this week to display a number in base ten blocks and in expanded form. (If you look closely, the base 10 blocks are on the left and the expanded form is on the right wing.)

Do you have that one student whose project always turns out…well…differently than the others no matter how much you model, explain, or help….?
Poor owl.
🙂 Thanks for taking a peek inside our week!!  
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Happy Learning!

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