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Oh' boy fourth grade
This week has been a mentally exhausting one for me.  We had a rough week on my cheerleading squad and I’m struggling with putting a group of high school teenagers back together as a bonded team.  I think it will be a slow journey, but I’m hoping for the best.  Does anyone have any awesome team-building activities/ideas that they’ve picked up over the years?  I have gone through all the basic ones and am looking for some creative/fresh ideas. πŸ™‚ 
We did one today and I actually saw some smiles and laughter from the girls.  Let me just say if I have learned one thing from being a coach who is also an elementary teacher…high school teachers must possess a magical gift that I have yet to discover!   Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s own joys that go with it.  I have learned valuable lessons on patience, empathy, and tolerance from coaching high school students -lessons that are different from the lessons I learn from my six year olds.   I think that is one of the wonderful things about teaching.  We can all have the same beliefs, goals, and expectations for students, but it is a teacher’s unique personality that makes him or her perfect for the grade level and group of students they teach.  πŸ™‚  
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  1. I am with you on the pencils!!! My kids break pencils and erasers on the reg!! I do have a angel straight from God in the form of a foster grandmother and every time there is a pencil problem my kids go straight to her. It makes my whole life complete!!!!

    As for team building… You should look into the Kagan teambuilding activities there are SO many activities that are SO awesome and well thought out (Definitely not just for the classroom and applicable to a Cheerleading Team). Also something I used to do with a team I used to coach at the beginning of every practice was highs and lows… its a great start to practice and let the girls just hear about each other and empathize and chime in and question. They loved it and missed it when we didn't do it.

    Hope that helps!!! Have a great weekend!


    Closing the Gap… in a Cute Outfit

  2. Found your blog via the Linky Party at jasonsonlineclassroom. I laughed out loud when I read your statement about wanting someone to sharpen pencils. :0) We have an electric pencil sharpener on its last squeaky-creacky-legs and it's so annoying. haha! I've wondered about those "currently" posters . . . how do you get involved with that? I loved the RAK section of that too . . . good reminder. I'm doing a RAK variation called Random Acts of Christmas Kindness with my kids (I blogged about it a wee bit here: Bought some silly things at the Dollar Store and I'm going to have them RACK some teachers this week. I'm also sending them home with the cards I can't wait to see what they end up doing with them.

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