Go Noodle!

This weekend I am not bringing you an app but an awesome website that I just know you will LOVE! A very sweet teacher friend whom I met a couple months ago shared this website with me.  My kids can’t get enough of it! 
Have you heard of Go Noodle yet?
It’s amazing! The best part? It’s FREE! Go Noodle is a website dedicated to Brain Breaks for the classroom! Your class will choose a class mascot and earn points for their completed minutes of brain breaks. As your class earns more points, they can get new mascots. Super fun! I l-o-v-e having a ton of brain breaks in one place.  I also love that unlike YouTube, I don’t have to wait for the ads to be over with to turn on the Smart Board to show my kids the Brain Break video.  Everything is kid-friendly, and ready to go!
Simply sign up for your free account and log in. When you log in, your home screen shows how many minutes of brain breaks your class has completed so far. 
Simply click PLAY and get access to tons of FREE Brain Breaks for your classroom!
If my students have more happy faces on their WBT scoreboard than sad faces at the end of the day, their reward is always a brain break. This little website has been a fun way for us to complete our brain breaks! 🙂
Head over to sign up for your free account by clicking HERE or clicking on the Go Noodle button below. 
Thanks for catching up with me in this week’s Weekend App Attack! I am SO excited because I’m headed off to the Northeast Ohio Blogger Meet Up today!! I can’t wait to meet so many amazing teachers! I feel like I’ve gotten to “know” many of these girls so well through blogging and Instagram, so I’m excited to put a face to a name now and get to talk to them “in real life” haha.
I have so many fun things planned for our classroom this upcoming week. I’ll be back tomorrow evening to share my lesson plans with you and information about some sessions I’m presenting this summer for Ohio teachers! 🙂 

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  1. I started using this in 2012 and it keeps getting better and better! My firsties are ALWAYS excited to see our avatar grow! Not only does it get them moving, i love that they are learning without realizing it! Soooo glad you shared it!

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