Friendship Freebie!

This post is going to be quick.  By quick, I mean super quick.  You see, I had a slight panic attack today when I checked out my to-do list this week: buy wedding bubbles, tie 300 bows onto wedding bubbles, choreograph a try-out dance for cheerleading, lesson planning, begin blogging presentation handouts…(sigh) 

And, to top it all off – our ladybugs arrived today! 🙂

Every year, I hatch ladybugs with my kiddos.  Every year, I order them and they arrive two weeks later.  People, this has happened consistently for the past four years.  Except this year.  They conveniently arrived two days later.

Enter: Flexible Teaching 101

After lunch was a whirlwind of setting aside some Earth Day activities and zooming through grammar to say hello to our new ladybug friends. (Try refocusing twenty eight year olds when they know there are 10 ladybug larvae staring at them from my desk.)   It is really a cool unit and the kids get so excited.  We integrate a ton of nonfiction reading and writing into this unit.  I have pictures I will post tomorrow! 🙂 

To make up for this super quick post that (let’s be honest) lacks content tonight, here is a little sneak peek at my newest TPT product (that I’m almost finished with!).  Since this week is Poem in your Pocket week, I thought I’d choose a poetry page out of the unit to share with you.  This would be great for a class meeting.   Enjoy! 🙂

Happy Learning,

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  1. Thanks for the friend freebie. I love the colors and the fun design. I plan to use it next week.

    Jill Tales from Second

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