Wordless Wednesday May 13th – Writing Assessments

Tonight I went through 24 diagnostic writing assessments. Aren’t you jealous?! 😉
My question this week:  Do you have an end-of-year writing assessment your students are mandated to take – either by your district or by your state? 
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  1. We don't have any mandated writing assessment… it's kind of a blessing and a curse. I think we are all doing different assessments although there is a writing component to the reading test we all use as part of our reading program! Your assessment looks quiet intense!! Thanks for hosting!

  2. We do pre and post prompts of the three genres we teach in grade 3. I'm not in the least bit jealous of your scoring/grading session, but reading student writing is often hilarious. One time a student of mine wrote that he saw lions chasing a herd of "cantaloupe" across the African plains.
    Laughter and Consistency

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