Miss DeCarbo’s New Website: Welcome Teacher Friends!

Hello Teacher Friends!

I am so very excited to welcome you to my new website. Although this is long overdue, I have officially made the move over to WordPress from Blogger – woo hoo! Having my very own website will help me help YOU. It will be oh-so-much easier to share information such as conferences & PD opportunities, organize and sort blog posts for you, and simply have a place I can officially call “home.”  I’m so glad you’re here! Before I share an exciting giveaway with you, I want to give a big “thank you” to Thauna, over at Bellano Web Studio. She is an amazing designer who helped bring my website to life!

When I started my blog back in 2011, I started it because I was, quite honestly, LOST in the teaching world. I had just moved to a new school, and at the time, I felt as though I had no one to collaborate with. Blogging about teaching ideas, resources, activities, research, and lessons gave me the outlet I needed. Now, almost five years later, blogging has become an intricate part of my life.  It has, like most things in life, evolved over time. What started out as a possible hobby has since turned into a passion of mine. Blogging about ideas led to creating resources for those ideas, which I am now blessed to be able to share in my TeachersPayTeachers store. (You can click here to visit me on TpT!)

Today, to celebrate the launch of my new website and “teaching home,” I am hosting a giveaway!!  I want you to feel super comfy while you’re on my site, so I am hoping this giveaway will help you learn how to leave a comment to share with me, and learn how to navigate and look around. I’d love to show you a few special places on my site that will help you find what you need. By taking a quick mini tour of my new site, you can enter to win some really great gift cards! I want you to be able to find what you need on my site quickly and effortlessly, so I’d love to show you some important buttons and features that will help you make yourself at home every time you visit missdecarbo.com! Ready? Here we go!

The Search Bar

Looking for something? Type the key word or words in the search bar at the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will help you find what you are looking for quickly! (…and we all know teachers need to save time anywhere they can!)


Home Page Categories

The categories across the top of my site on the Home page will help you look for blog posts and information on specific subjects and topics. Under the Curriculum category, you’ll find blog posts for science, reading, writing, math, and more! You can check out pictures and blog posts about my decor, management, and organization under the Classroom Category. To get to my blog or TPT shop QUICKLY, simply click on the text that says Blog or Shop. I will have Workshops & PD information for the year on the site very shortly. (I’m still “unpacking some boxes” due to my move.)


Welcome Photographs

From time to time, my welcome photographs will change and feature new resources or blog posts you may want to check out. You can click directly on these sliding images to learn more about these pictures!


Mailing List Sign Up

Want to receive the latest blog posts, news, and exclusive freebies straight to your inbox? You might want to think about signing up for my mailing list! You’ll find an easy sign up form at the top of the home page, and at the top and bottom of each blog post. Don’t worry, I HATE spam and promise to never send it!


Featured Resources, Latest Blog Posts, and Instagram Feed

Continue scrolling down the home page, and you’ll see some of my favorite current resources, my last six blog posts, and my Instagram feed! This is helpful when you want to know what has been happening most recently on the site.


Blog Navigation

By clicking on the Blog text at the top of the site, or by clicking on the BIG purple Blog button, you’ll find….my blog! Scrolling down the blog will show you all of my blog posts. You can click the purple Read More buttons to read the entire post and see all of the photographs.


Thanks for taking a mini tour of my new site!

Let’s get this giveaway started!

Let’s quickly chat about all of the details for this giveaway, so that you can get started and enter for a chance to win! This giveaway will have TWO lucky winners! The first winner will receive a $50 TeachersPayTeachers gift card. This gift card can be used at any seller’s store on TPT (or multiple stores).


The second winner will receive a $50 gift card to MY TeachersPayTeachers store: Miss DeCarbo! The winner of this gift card will simply shop around my store and email me a resource (or list of resources) that total up to $50. SO fun, right?!

How Do I Enter?

I’m so glad you asked! There is one mandatory entry for this giveaway, and a bonus (optional) entry. To enter, use the rafflecopter below. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post that introduces yourself! I LOVE learning about my followers and teacher-friends. Simply tell me your first name, the grade level or subject you teach, and what state you teach in. Let’s see where everyone is from!

The second entry is an optional entry. Using the rafflecopter below, follow me over on my Facebook page. Why? Because I will often be presenting ideas, special lessons and activities, PD, and exclusive freebies over on Facebook Live. By following my page, you can get notified of all of these Facebook Live events, so that you never miss out! You can find my FB page on the Rafflecopter below, or check out my page by clicking HERE.

The winner of the two prizes will be announced right here on this blog post. I will also contact the winners via email. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you SO much for visiting my new website! I am SO thrilled that you joined me today, and even more excited to continue sharing with teachers! By visiting and following my site, it feels as though you’ve invited me into your classroom and teaching world, and I am honored to be able to collaborate with you this year!

Happy Learning,


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  1. Hi, I’m Teresa & I teach a combined 1st- & 2nd-grade special education class in Atlanta, GA. Love your new site!

  2. I am Cheryl Petersen. I am a homeschool mom and currently teaching kindergarten and 1st grade. I live in Vancouver, WA!! I love your products and your new website!! This looks awesome!!

  3. Hi! I’m Tiffany from Virginia and I teach high school English. I know, I know! You specialize in the younger grades, but I am inspired by your classroom organization and enthusiasm : )

  4. Hi there! My name is Jenae. I am a first grade teacher in NC. This is my first year in first, but I’ve been following you for the last few years as a K teacher. 🙂

  5. Hi! I’m Cara! I taught 2nd grade for 25 years. I am now on my fourth year of teaching 1st! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 😉

  6. My name is Kate and I teach Prep in Queensland, Australia. I’ve been following you and using your awesome resources for years- thank you! Love your site!

  7. My name is Patty and I’m from South Carolina. I teach 1st grade and love your products! I’m excited to see your blog and learn about more of your products.

  8. Hello! My name is Nicole and I teach first grade in Massachusetts! I’m amazed you have time to create such a wonderful website! Can’t wait to read future posts!

  9. My name is Bethany. I’m a general ed teacher in West Virginia teaching 1st grade! Love your new website and your TPT store!

  10. Hello!! My name is Melissa and I am a special education resource teacher in Wisconsin! I LOVE using your Text Based Evidence Passages and Intervention binders with my students. LOVE your new site!!!

  11. Hi! I’m a first-year first grade teacher in Kansas. I’m working at an ag-based charter school, focusing on agriculture projects. All the while fitting all our other curriculum in!

  12. Hello! My name is Melissa. I teach 1st grade in the sunny state of Florida. This is my second year teaching and I love watching your live videos.

  13. Hi! I’m Unaza Hassan I teach the 4th grade in Texas. This is my first year teaching and I couldn’t be any more excited and thrilled!

  14. Hey!! I’m Ashley and I am teaching first for the first time this year, I’ve been in kindergarten for the past three years :), and I am in Georgia!

  15. Hi! I’m Tina. I teach special education K-8 in the great state of Kansas. Congrats on your new website. It is awesome! Best wishes!

  16. I love meeting my fellow teacher friends on insta too! I’m in my first year so I love your fabulous ideas and resources! I teach 5th English and Reading in Texas. I think we have the best job in the world!

  17. My name is Jackie and I am special education teacher in Minnesota! I teach in an K-5 building. I have purchased many of your products and use them pretty much on a daily basis. Love your new site and all of your products.

  18. Hi, I’m Tori and this is my second year teaching third grade in Ohio! I actually teach at a district very close to you. 🙂

  19. Christina! Your new blog looks amazing! And a giveaway to celebrate? Well that is just awesome!!!! ?
    My name is Julie and I teach and live in Oregon Ohio.?

  20. I’m Desirae, I teach in a one room, K-8 school in the state of Washington. I love your products and your bright, sunshiny attitude!

  21. I teach K/1 in California. I have been following you since this summer and I love your story, your blog and the pics of your adorable baby boy!

  22. Hi my name is Amanda. I teach second grade. This year will be year number 5. I’ve been following you on Facebook for awhile and I love the new website!!

  23. I’m Melissa from Indiana. I’ve taught first grade for 21 years in the same school that I attended. I am a NBCT in reading/language arts. I’m always looking for new ideas and new ways to teach my kiddos. Thanks for all of your creative products!

  24. Hi! I enjoying my new position as Math Interventionist for K-2nd grade in South Carolina!Loving your products and posts especially your Math Intervention Notebook! Thanks!!!

  25. Hi, I’m Liz. I teach second grade in Utah. I love your TPT products and have enjoyed learning from your blog posts. I love your new site!

  26. Hi! I’m Tamara from Phoenix, AZ and teach in self-contained Pre-K and integrated Pre-K. Love your site and all of the great resources.

  27. Hi! I am Katie from Mississippi. I teach in a third grade special education resource classroom. We love using so many of your products! Brainamin is our new favorite – thank you!

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