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I’m once again linking up with Farley over at Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for her monthly linky party.

I always think April is a crazy month for teachers everywhere, in any grade.  State testing occurs, administrators start to wrap up projects for the current year and schedule committees and events for next year, report cards are due, kids are crazy from being cooped inside all winter, and we start to already think about next year’s plans and ideas. 

Yep, April is a crazy month.  We’ll get through it! Breathe. 

Okay, onto the Currently Linky!  Here you go! 🙂
Listening:  I kid you not.  When I took this picture, Weston had just started chewing this toy 5 minutes prior.  Note the green fuzz that has snowed all over my carpet.  It’s a good thing he’s cute! 
Loving: Try it. Just don’t blame it on me if you become a bit obsessed. 
This is a kid after my own heart:
Thinking:  Sunshine, sand, the beach.  I know, going to the beach in the summer isn’t a rare event for a teacher.  But for me, this will be the FIRST summer I’ve truly had to relax without a summer job, without tutoring, without coaching – just summer. I can’t wait!
Wanting-  One day, I’ll find some research to back up my belief that I am a better teacher on Jean Days.  I’m more comfortable and not worried about sitting down on the gross tile floor for a reading group in a nice skirt.  Hey, an early childhood teacher can dream, right?
Needing– I’m giving four teacher presentations a few days after we get back from the beach in June, which means I have to have things ready to go by the last day of school. Time is ticking and I need to get a move on these workshops. Again, just breathe. (Cue Faith Hill music)
Advice-  This little blog has only been around for a little over a year.  I remember when this was brand new to me and I’d get overwhelmed. “I haven’t blogged all week!” or “I’ve been blogging for 9 days – why don’t I have 7,000 followers yet?!”  That faded quickly and I realized that I started blogging because I have so much fun sharing ideas, chatting with all of you about random topics in teaching and in life, and professionally growing from all of the great educators out there.  Blogging is meant to be fun.  Joke. Laugh. Make fun of yourself. There isn’t a blogger administrator who is evaluating you on the growth your blog followers have achieved since you started, or collecting data on how many people commented on your post.  Have fun. 🙂 That is what this is all about! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to swing by Farley’s blog and link up with her for the month of April. Click her button below to jump over to Oh’ Boy 4th Grade!
Oh' boy fourth grade
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  1. I am completely with you with ready for Summer to be here. I will most likely be tutoring though and I coach cheerleading so we will have some practices. How has tutoring in past Summer's been for you? Do you find yourself really burnt out?

    Sixth Grade Tales

  2. love the details you give with your Currently:) What type of presentations are you giving? Right now, as a Kindergarten teacher, testing is not an issue, BUT I will be teaching 5th next year and it will be CULTURE shock!!!! LOL. Best of luck!

    ~ Kimberlee ~
    Teacher TimeSavers

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm giving 2 presentations on teacher blogging and 2 on literacy centers and reading groups. 🙂 It should be fun! Good luck with 5th grade – wow! You are not kidding about a culture shock! You'll be great. 🙂

  3. I loved your autism post:) I lucky enough to be working with a wonderful little autistic kiddo this year. I love your linky post too! If there could be jean day every day I would be in heaven. I have never thought of convincing the district that it should be implemented. Hmm…..now my wheels are turning. Thanks for the blog advice. It is true once I started blogging for me and stopped worrying about the other stuff I have been having a lot of fun with it:)

  4. I wanted to let you know that several weeks ago I began using your Sight Word Fluency Passages with my struggling readers. Well they were just the thing! All of the students have improved tremendously. I can't believe how well they can read. I always thought my students had to read books to improve, but that simply wasn't working, your passages provided the answer:) I mentioned them in a post titled 'Improving Fluency."
    First Grade Carousel

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