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Tonight I want to quickly share a great little Common Core widget I saw and added to my blog.  If you look to the right of my blog you’ll see a little tab that says “Common Core App.”  You can click on it and it will slide out to reveal all of the Language Arts and Math common core standards. 

 I love it!  It’s an easy way for me to access the new common core standards quickly and easily.  I also like how I can quickly access the standards for the grade below and above me for comparison.  (I’m big on making sure I know where they were supposed to come from last year and what they need to be able to do next year in order to maximize my teaching of each standard.) 

You can grab your own Common Core App for your blog by clicking the icon below.  This will take you to their website where you can grab the code to install on your blog.  Just copy/paste it into the html template of your blog.  

Enjoy!  I’ll be back soon with a freebie and my new apple unit.  I was hoping to get it to you tonight but I’ve been having major computer and printing problems all day long. 
Have a wonderful new week & Happy Learning,

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