A Peek At Our Week in Pictures – 5 for Friday! :)

It’s Friday! We had such a busy week in first grade!  We started Encore (our fancy word for RTI time – a 40 minute period every day where our kids get reteaching, intervention, and enrichment), hit the ground running with Writer’s Workshop, and worked really hard on our retelling skills.  Here are 5 random things we did this week in first grade! 🙂

In our mini lessons this week, we discussed how characters “fit” their setting.  We created this anchor chart together and then discussed the way characters have fit the setting in the books we’ve read together this year.  

I introduced my students to “text evidence” this week in our guided reading groups.  I started with a very, very basic activity.  After we read a story together, I had the students use Post-It notes to go back and find the page that had the conflict on it.  They drew a sad face to show that “something went wrong” in this part of the text. 

They drew a happy face and marked the page that contained the solution to the story.   For this week, my goal was get them comfortable with thinking about the question and going back into the book to find the answer. Next week, we will begin to take a closer look at identifying the exact lines of text that the author uses to prove his/her point.

We integrated science into our Writer’s Workshop this week by taking a close look at nonfiction animal books.  We did a Shared Writing by writing the words to the first couple pages of this wordless book.

 The students then tried this on their own by writing their own nonfiction book. They wrote a sentence about each page within the book.

Cookie’s Week is a book we use a lot at the beginning of the year.  I brought this book back again to kick-start our Writer’s Workshop.  We discussed how authors can follow a pattern when they write.  I knew this familiar book would make a great jumping-off point in writing for my students because they already knew it by heart and had a thorough understanding of the pattern.

Here is an (almost) finished book from one of my little friends.  I simply stapled blank paper together to create blank books. My goal this week was to get my kids to understand that they are authors and get excited about writing an entire book to share! 🙂  I helped them spell the days of the week and the word “everywhere.”  They used their Quick Word dictionaries and inventive spelling for the rest. 

I was so proud of my first grade authors!  
A quick story before I log off: Our assistant principal came into my classroom this week to get our Apple TV hooked up so that we could learn our iPad apps for math.  After it was finally working, one little sweetie yelled out in excitement:  “YAY!!! I just love principals!” Haha (And I love the funny group I have this year!)  Enjoy the weekend! 🙂 

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