Wordless Wednesday – A Piece of Our Heart!

Do you de-clutter your classroom at the end of the year and give things away to your students? I always “raffle” off the odds and ends that I’m throwing out every year. Guess what item is the MOST WANTED item in the pile every.single.year.? Our class “wrinkled” heart that we created during the first week of school! We passed this heart around and each student crumpled it up. This illustrated that when we use unkind words with our classroom family, we can apologize, but we can never fully smooth out the wrinkles on our friends’ hearts. 
I tell my students that whoever takes home the heart gets to hang up a “piece of our classroom’s heart” in their bedroom!  It is by far the most “prized possession” of the year and that makes MY heart very happy! 🙂
Do you raffle off or give things away at the end of the year? If so, what do your students just LOVE getting to take home? 
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  1. I remember doing that same heart project when I had my 2nd grade classroom. It's quite a powerful lesson. I've been out of the classroom for years now, as a Reading Specialist, but I do remember my kiddos loved taking home the anchor charts we created together as a class. 🙂
    Literacy Loving Gals

  2. I raffle off all the anchor charts we created throughout the year… the kids go nuts for these!! I pull names from our Popsicle sticks to be sure everyone gets to take something home.

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