My Word Wall

Tonight I thought I would share my word wall pictures with you. What I love most about my word wall is it is magnetic! In my first year of teaching, I had my words on a bulletin board, but I found many of my kids would go up to look at the word, get back to their seats, and still write the word incorrectly. Hence – The Magnetic Word Wall! I love that my students can pull the word off the wall and take it back to their seats to work with and spell.
When I taught first grade, I used the magnetic words quite often for playing sight word games. As they closed their eyes, I would move a word on the board and place it in another spot. Students would have to quickly figure out which word I moved, which caused students to read many of the words on the board without even knowing they were practicing!

I also like using the magnetic words to teach and reinforce ABC order with my second graders. I can take all the words from one letter off the board and the kids can rearrange them alphabetically by moving the words around until they are in the correct order.
Hope you enjoyed my word wall tour! Feel free to share any word wall ideas you use in your classroom!
Happy Learning,

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