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A Happy Thanksgiving Writing Pack & CrowdTilt Project

I know I’m late to the party with all of the adorable Thanksgiving products I’ve seen popping up on my Pinterest page, but I was finally able to finish my Thanksgiving writing pack this weekend.  I’m proud of how it turned out!  There are multiple writing activities and standards hit with this pack from how-to writing, persuasive writing, research & write activities, fact/opinion, identifying the parts of a paragraph, and much more!  Take a look and click on any picture to jump to the product in my TpT store.

Since I posted this so late into the Thanksgiving season, I’ll send this writing pack *free* to the first 10 followers who leave a comment with their e-mail address and tell us three things you are thankful for at school. 🙂 I think through the many changes, initiatives, paperwork, and assessment, it’s so important to remind ourselves of all the positives that are around us each day in our classrooms!
I’m thankful for: 
1) My sweet students who remind me daily that they are only six and seven years old.  In the midst of DRAs, assessments, progress monitoring, and RTI, they need to have fun at school.  So, if once in awhile, a “craftivity” isn’t packed with interventions and standards, but they had a blast doing it, than I’ll take my chances. 🙂
2) Technology! I’m blessed to have a Smartboard, 5 computers in my room, and now an Apple TV to use with my kids.  We’re thankful to have technology that is useful and makes our lessons fun and meaningful.
3) My co-worker, Rachel.  She has been a great friend, support system, and colleague to me at school this year.  Everyone needs a friend at school they can collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, vent when those ideas fail miserably, and laugh at mistakes with! 
To end, my assistant principal showed me a new site, kind of like DonorsChoose, where you can get projects funded through donations.  It’s called CrowdTilt.  Have you heard of it before? It is really great!
My school just posted a project about iPad Minis and we are hoping to get some of it funded. Our kiddos come from an economically disadvantaged district and we hope the use of these iPad minis will help our students make great progress on computer-based state tests.  
Want to help? Click {HERE}.  Donate ANY amount and choose something FREE from my TpT store! 🙂 Just let me know you donated and then email me at secondgradesugarandspice@gmail.com to tell me what you decided to pick out. 
Thanks for visiting! 🙂 
Happy Learning,

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  1. I'm thankful for knowing that I am making a difference in a child's life. I'm thankful for having the opportunity to get a good education. I'm thankful that even the lowest level students in the classroom that I am working with are greatly improving on their letter recognition skills.

  2. I'm thankful to have a very sweet group of kids this year. Last year was pretty rough, so I welcome the change!

    I'm also thankful to have such an amazing second grade team. We work well together and support each other no. matter. what.

    The third thing I am thankful for is the ability to remain creative in the classroom despite the implementation of new standards, common planning, and a lack of resources.

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Oh my goodness…I am thankful for teaching at a fantastic school, for being able to use all the great ideas I have gotten from bloggers like you, and knowing that every day is different. (I would make a terrible factory worker!)

    But I am not thankful for our lack of technology…I have one computer in our room. Mine.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. My apologies, I should read more carefully… I am thankful for
    1. My First Grade Team for being a supportive and amazing group of teachers!
    2. My administration for their trust and faith and support in chairing several committees.
    3. I am always thankful for each class I get every year! I am able to learn and grow more in each experience!


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