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Today, I’m decorating for Christmas and putting the tree up. (Too early? I couldn’t wait!).  I’m taking a quick break to link up with Lyndsey over at “A Year of Many Firsts” to share some things I’m thankful for this year! If you haven’t visited her blog before, it’s adorable.  Click the picture to head over and check it out, or link up as well! 🙂

1.  My husband & our marriage- He is so supportive in everything I do.  Between teaching and coaching, we don’t have many free evenings these days and very little weekend nights during the basketball season. He’s patient, understanding, and wonderful!  I’m thankful for a best friend who I can laugh with each day.
2. Our family.  They are amazing in every way. They guide and strengthen us with their love and support.
3. Our little “baby,” Weston.  He brings a lot of joy to our house! 🙂
4.  Our friends. They are always there for us and are a true blessing.  Many are getting married, having their first child, and buying their first home.  It is an exciting time in our lives right now and I’m grateful to get to share these memories with them. 
5. Coffee!  I know, this is not valuable.  But I don’t get many hours of sleep and this is what keeps me going.  If you work with me or see me each day, you really do need to be thankful that I had my coffee! Dunkin Donuts coffee is my favorite.  Yum!!
6. My classroom.  I’m blessed to have my own classroom. It’s what I’ve wanted since I was a little girl (sounds so nerdy, but so true!).  I’m thankful I have the opportunity to come to school each day and make a difference in the lives of children.  I know that teaching is truly God’s “mission field” for my life! 
7. This little blog and TpT.  It has made me a better teacher and has really been an amazing professional development journey for me.  I learn each and every day from fellow bloggers.  TpT has given me a fresh look on materials and as a seller, it has blessed both my students and my family with many opportunities. 
Sugar and Spice   
8. Finally, YOU! My followers.  I’m still amazed that anyone, let alone other colleagues, would visit this little blog and share in my teaching with me.  It’s incredible to think that our ideas are helping other students around the world and that collaboration in the teaching world has extended this far outside the “teacher lunch room.” 🙂
Thank you for stopping by again! 🙂 I’m off Target to get some new Christmas stockings.  (Which means I will end up with a thousand other items in my cart…)  Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Learning,

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  1. Love all of your blessings! I actually did an activity with my students today at the middle school where we had to go around and say what we were thankful for and why. The first person who couldn't think of anything was out. They came up with some really neat and thoughtful things!
    We are truly blessed working with the kiddos we do and I know you are making such a difference in their little lives :-).

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