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Weekend App Attack: Science for Kids!

It has been SO long since I’ve written a Weekend App Attack post! If you are new to my blog, I will often review an app for the iPhone, iPad, or an Android based tablet on the weekends that are helpful for your classroom.  Since I have tablets for my students, helpful educational apps are something I am always on the lookout for. 

And, if you know me (even a little bit) as a teacher, you know I l-o-v-e engaging students in their learning with science integration.  It’s a natural subject that is motivating to young learners and it is, in my opinion, the best subject to connect learning to the real world. 

Today I’m reviewing a science app called KidScience.  If you don’t have this app, it’s a must!  I’m always searching for new science experiments to do with my kids.  I love to use science experiments as a “reward” for my kids.  It’s a win-win situation.  They think they are getting a big treat by doing an experiment.  In reality, I’m the winner because they are LEARNING for their reward and super engaged!  (See how sneaky I am?) 😉

iPhone Screenshot 1
This app is FREE!  You can download the Premium version for $4.99 but I find the free version perfectly helpful.  The only thing extra you get with the Premium version are the videos that go with each experiment.
I would compare this app to a cookbook.  It’s simply a list of experiments that you can find for students.  It contains the recipe or directions for the experiment, photographs, ingredient list, and a place to save your favorite experiments. 
You can search the experiments by age, what is already in your pantry, science type, or amount of time.
iPhone Screenshot 2
After you narrow your search, you get a list of fun experiments that match your criteria.
iPhone Screenshot 3
After you choose your experiment, the app provides you with an overview and a recipe for the experiment.
iPhone Screenshot 4
My favorite part of this app is the shopping list! It’s always hard for me to remember what each experiment calls for.  With this app, you just add the experiment to your shopping list, and it gives you this easy list to take the store. 🙂
You can download this app on your smartphone by clicking HERE to head to the iTunes store. 🙂 I hope you find it useful and helpful to your science lesson planning. 🙂
Thanks for stopping by! I’m headed out to run some errands in my new pair of shoes. Yesterday, my first pair of tieks arrived!  Have you heard of these ballet flats yet?! I feel like I’m walking on a cloud – they are SOO comfortable!  I’ve heard other teacher-bloggers rant and rave about how great these shoes are for teaching and I just had to try them out for myself. Being 5’0 (okay, actually I’m 4’11 but shhh) I’m always wearing heels to school.  Last week my feet were hurting and I couldn’t take it anymore. I ordered a pair of tieks.  I’m in love! 🙂  You can visit the tieks boutique by clicking here.  I can’t wait to wear them to school this week.  I almost slept in them last night – they feel like slippers! 🙂
Have a wonderful week! 🙂 I’ll be back on Tuesday for a peek at our apple week. 🙂

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  1. Going to check out this app…love the ease of finding something you're studying OR what you have on hand. (ie: Sunday night lesson plans without a trip to the store!)

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