Halloween Writing Freebie!

My firsties have been working on writing complete sentences with adjectives over the past couple of weeks.  They have been doing a great job!  One of the best ways for my students to take ownership of a skill is to make it hands-on and meaningful to them.  It’s easy for my students to write sentences with lots of describing words when they make or create something fun to write about!  Last week, we created monsters and wrote a descriptive writing piece.  This week, we made Q-tip skeletons! This is an easy-cheesy craftivity that my kiddos always love!

We used this planning page from my Halloween Writing Pack to brainstorm ideas for our Q-tip skeletons.
 Tomorrow my kiddos will use these planning pages to write their descriptive writing piece, complete with a topic and conclusion sentence. 
You can find this craftivity, complete with writing pages and lots of other fun Halloween writing activities in my Halloween Writing Pack.  Click HERE or click the picture below.  It’s on sale this week for Halloween! 🙂
Below is a freebie from the pack for you to download and enjoy this week!  My students are using this little prompt to independently practice descriptive writing during Work on Writing.  Download it from Google Docs by clicking HERE or clicking the picture below. Enjoy!! 🙂
Tomorrow is Pajama Day at school in celebration of Right to Read Week. Yay for being comfy/cozy at school all day! I hope everyone has a great Halloween week!

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  1. I usually end up hating those kind of spirit days…what I really sleep in should not leave the house! And I don't want to go out and buy cute pajamas just for that!

    Cute skeletons!

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