Text Evidence Reading Passages: BIOGRAPHY Edition!

I posted my first “text evidence reading passage” back in early October of 2013.  It was part of a little Pumpkin Freebie pack and I wanted to try it out with my kids that weren’t paying close enough attention to detail while they read.  (Do you have those kiddos? I sure do!!) I had nooo idea that the set up of those little passages would be so effective with my students! You all have shown such amazing support for these Text Evidence Reading Packs and I’m so thankful they are working in your rooms, too! So…I have fun news to share!

The “Biography Edition” of my Text Evidence Reading Passages is finally here!!  Many of you have sent the sweetest emails and messages to me over the past year about the need for a pack that focused on biographies and I’m happy to say…it’s created and posted!

 Here’s a closer look at the different parts of these passages.  They are set up the same way as my seasonal packs.  Students read the passage three times for fluency, much like my Sight Word Passages for Reading Intervention. Then, students use their crayons to “highlight” or color three key details from the text.  They end with a reading response question that covers open ended questions, Common Core standards, and additional text evidence questions.  My kiddos love working through these passages and find them super interactive!
 Since this pack is a “special edition” pack, it does not contain paired passages like my seasonal packs.  This pack has 20 biography passages included in the set.  Here is a list of all the biographies you will receive:
 If you check out this pack in my TpT store, you can download the PREVIEW file for a FREE biography passage on Alexander Graham Bell!  Use it to test out the reading level with your kiddos.  I use these passages with my advanced first grade readers. These passages would be perfect for 2nd grade readers and struggling third graders, as well.  
I really hope you enjoy these new passages! I have a few little ones who are SO excited to read about Steve Jobs this week because they told me, “Because I just LOOOOOVE our iPads!!!” Haha!  You can’t argue with that, right?! 🙂
See you Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday!!
(Last week it took a “snow day” vacation!) 🙂 🙂
Take care and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Steve Jobs is such a good idea! We are using biographies to study chronological text structure this week. It has been challenging to find second grade friendly, short biography passages to use. Yours look great! Have a great week!

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