Word Work Wheels: Spice Up Your Word Work Center!

Your students are probably a little like my students.  Cute, little sweeties who love Rainbow Looms, adore anything that involves crayons, think it’s life-changing when you change your nail polish color, and can solve and fix the problem on the tablet faster than you can identify which tablet needs fixed. 

Well, those are my students. 🙂 And I love them!  But in the winter, they can get a little squirmy. This means I need to use extra super-teacher power to make things we need to do still seem fun, engaging, and as life-changing as the day I changed my nail polish from red to purple.   

So I created some Word Work Wheels for our Word Work time during Daily 5 and my kids cannot get enough of them! They are seriously engaged in these wheels for sooo long!! I started with The Color Wheel and will introduce one new wheel a week for a total of 6 weeks of word work activity.  

Each wheel has a different theme to it and new activities or ways to practice spelling words. You can use ANY word list you want with these wheels: a basal spelling list, weekly words, sight words, trick words, vocabulary words, etc.
Students spin the wheel and match the picture to the directions. Then, they write and spell a word from their word list a fun and creative way! The only thing you need to do is add a pencil and a paper clip for the spinner. 🙂
The pack also comes with 15 word work cards to help you introduce all of the ways to practice these words with your students.  I leave them up as a visual display to help my students if they forget what to do.  This makes the word wheels not only highly engaging but increase independence for your students.  You could also put the word cards in your word work center by themselves as task cards or for additional activities! 🙂 
Each Word Work Wheel and set of coordinating Word Work cards comes in color and black and white so that you can use the version that best meets your needs. 
These Word Work Wheels will be discounted for a few more days. Grab them from my TpT store by clicking HERE or clicking on the picture below! They are great for adding something new and fresh to your word work center during these winter months, but can be used at any time of the year and will keep your kiddos having fun in an interactive way. 🙂
I will send this pack for free to the first 5 followers who leave a comment with their email address and their favorite word work activity for their class! 🙂  Sent! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. How fun! My students love getting out the scrabble tiles and letter beads I have to make their words. This looks like a fantastic way to amp up Word Work time. It's so true that anytime crayons/markers are involved the interest level shoots right up! katie.passanante@gmail.com

  2. How great! I love how engaging it makes the important practice! My kiddos love doing a Roll, Read, Cover, and Write. I make a grid with their current sight/ spelling/ word families, then roll the dice (one letter one number) find the word, read it, and write it. They love it! melaxid@hotmail.com

  3. Love the word work wheels! Fantastic idea! We have word work each morning as a warm-up activity. My students love using scrabble tiles, and I love the added math to find what each word is worth. Rainbow write with colored pencils is also popular. cfcastonguay@yahoo.com

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