Five for Friday – Our Week in Pictures!

I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a weekly Five for Friday! Here are some of the learning activities we did this week. 🙂
We finished typing out our Genius Essays this week!  They turned out GREAT!  Each student got to choose whatever topic he or she wanted to write about.  The essay had to start with a triple whammy sentence and include three paragraphs that linked back to the topic sentence.  Here are some examples of my first graders’ work. We still need to work on writing “more interesting” conclusion sentences. 😉

Check out this essay all about Kalahari Water Park! (Third paragraph is a bit messed up haha, but he did a fabulous job!! Pay close attention to this kiddo’s use of commas in a series – nailed it!!)  (For those of you not from Ohio…It’s probably one of the coolest “Ohio” places around!) 🙂

 We used Amanda Nickerson’s Engineering Unit to create inventions that solved everyday problems in our classroom! The problems my kiddos came up with were hilarioius! “My pencil keeps rolling off my desk.” “I always lose my folder.” “Our class is too loud at lunch, so we are always last for recess.” “I can never find my red crayon.”  Ahhh….to be in first grade again right?! Your biggest problem is not being able to find your red crayon.. 🙂
You can find my sweet friend Amanda’s unit on TpT by clicking HERE

 We are finishing up our measuring unit on Tuesday next week.  We had some fun on Thursday with marshmallow measuring using this cute freebie I found on Pinterest.  The link to the pin can be found HERE.

 We dug into another wordless picture book this week, The Red Book by Barbara Lehman. Wow did it generate a lot of critical thinking and comprehension in my firsties! They loved it and I just LOVED the discussion and conversation that took place in my room. First, I slowly flipped through each page – without saying a word. They were not allowed to comment at first or ask questions. I just asked them to “read” the story to themselves.  Then, we went page by page and had tons of talking time together! It made this teacher very happy. 🙂 It’s a beautiful book!

You can find The Red Book on Amazon by clicking below:

I had a student last year who had an AMAZINGLY talented and crafty babysitter. She is simply awesome and super sweet.  Look at what she dropped off at school for me for Easter!! This super-sweet-babysitter sometimes reads my blog, so,
 THANK YOU!!! It completely brightened my day!! 🙂 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday with their families.  This weekend is all about family for us. We are having a girls night tonight with my mom, aunt, and cousins. Tomorrow we are visiting my hubby’s grandparents with his family for Easter dinner, and on Sunday we will be spending time with both sides of our family!  I hope you have a beautiful weekend to match this beautiful weather we will be having in Ohio! 🙂 

I’ll be back Sunday to share this coming week’s lesson plans with you. 🙂 

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  1. I do still read your blog! You are an amazing teacher! We are so happy to have brighten your day! Hope you enjoy your time with your family and have a Happy Easter! Tell your husband good luck trying to get that candy loose…I had to use lots of glue to keep them in place for the car ride to the school. lol

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