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  1. Yes! Recently, I saw a teacher letting her students have a "math toolbox" where they could pick whatever manipulative they wanted to when solving a problem. It was great to watch the different students pick different tools based on their understanding and learning styles.

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  2. Yay I linked up for the first time 🙂 Thanks Christina…this is fun!
    Yes I do let them use manipulatives if they would like…I think giving them the option, especially those with lack of confidence appreciate the opportunity. I love to create success!!
    Elyse 🙂
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  3. This is my first time joining the linky and I'm super excited!! Thanks for putting it together. For me, it depends on the task. For some topics I let them and for some I don't. It also depends on ability levels too. I really believe : Fair isn't always equal; and equal isn't always fair.. I can't wait to hear the rest of your thoughts on this topic on tomorrow's post!
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  4. Yes, I do. I always ask questions as they are using them (or have them written down). There is one assessment that they are not allowed anything on (besides standardized tests). My students need the extra support and I don't mind letting them use manipulatives as long as they can find a way to the correct answer.

  5. Yes, I allow my students to use manipulatives. They are great tool when we take our tests on the computer. It's hard to count, add, subtract and everything else that comes with math on a computer.

  6. Yes, I do let them use them if they want to. I have tokens sitting out in small baskets that the students can take. My kids also like to use number lines and number grids. They are able to use whichever method words best for them… LOVE this linky by the way!! 🙂

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  7. Hey!
    What a great linky!! Gonna go and write a post now (even though it's really late, and nearly Friday here in New Zealand!!
    Nope we aren't allowed to use materials when giving an assessment in numeracy. There are three "stages" a child goes through (according to our NZ math numeracy project). First is materials (where they use the materials, such as blocks, pv equipment, money etc. Second is imaging (where they solve a problem using an image in their head. As a teacher you might shield the equipment. The idea is that the children are still thinking about the "stuff".) You might see this when you see the kid looking up and then bobbing their head as if they are counting the blocks. The third is when they use number properties to solve the problem. That is when they understand the problem, the maths behind it, and how to solve it without using equipment. If a child knows how to do that, then they understand how to do the maths. Therefore don't need the equipment.
    Sorry – totally long winded comment!! I hope it makes sense?
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