Wordless Wednesday April 29th – Guest Teaching!

This week, I have been spending my planning time with our kindergartners to complete some fun science and writing activities! Not only has it been super fun but I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know some of our little ones who will possibly become my first graders next year! It was valuable to be able to learn where their current writing abilities are and to be able to work with them on a few skills that we will hit the ground running with in August! They did an AWESOME job and I’m super proud of them! 

“Guest Teaching” is a concept that I’ve really been thinking a lot about this week!  EVERY teacher has something valuable to offer when it comes to instruction within our buildings. Every teacher has at least one concept, strategy, or skill that they are an expert at.  Wouldn’t this be a neat way to collaborate with and learn from one another?! (The scheduling aspect would be a complete nightmare but it’s fun to dream, right?) 😉
What do you think? Would you love or hate having “guest teachers” (even from other grade levels) in your building teach a lesson to your class? Share your thoughts with me below. 🙂
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  1. I think it's a GREAT idea! We have done something similar in the past, but not for the same purpose. One morning our principal announced that in 15 minutes, every teacher in the building was going to switch places with another teacher for 30 minutes. We had to check our emails to see where we were going. I had to go and teach 5th graders! The main purpose behind this was to see if our lesson plans would be suitable in case of an emergency and someone had to come teach in our classroom. It was also for us to see what was going on in a completely different area of the building.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that idea. Not only would it allow an "expert" to come in and teach a skill, but it would be so much more exciting for the students. Classroom guests are incredibly motivating. It is amazing how well behaved and attentive a student can be with a guest when they are typically the opposite with you. I think guest teachers would create many more opportunities for learning just by the mere fact that its exciting to be learning from someone new. Great idea! 🙂

  3. I really like this idea. It would be a great way to introduce yourself to the students coming to you in the fall. We have Move Up Day, but that is only for 15 minutes. A whole lesson would be interesting. I might bring it up at our next staff meeting.

  4. I love the idea… it's a great way to share ideas and resources with fellow teachers! Scheduling would be a nightmare but would be worth the trouble in the end! Thanks for hosting!

  5. I think this is an excellent idea. Sometimes a teacher with a slightly different explanation of a concept can get through to a kid. It would also be good for teachers to see what students at other grade levels are capable of doing–and what they struggle to do. It can have a real impact on what we do with our students. One time I was able to observe a 3rd grade class in my building (I teach 1st). I noticed the kids were having trouble writing amounts of money. I couldn't believe they struggled with placing the $ sign. After that I changed the way I wrote money in first grade math problems from "4 dollars" to "$4.00." This would also help build a stronger sense of community in a building, which I'm sure would improve overall behavior. Thanks for posing an interesting question!
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  6. I think it's an amazing idea. I know that I learn so much just from popping into other teachers' rooms for a few minutes. Actually getting to watch them teach a lesson would be so great. My students would love to have a guest teacher, too. We've swapped places to read to each others' classes, but we've never swapped places to teach a lesson.
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