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Five for Friday: Our Week in Pictures!!

Ahh I finally felt like I could breathe this week! My formal observation was over with and I did not have any big presentations or meetings. My only job was to teach – and I had so much fun! Here is our week in pictures! 🙂

Ohhhh Target One Spot. You get me every.single.time. 
I didn’t really need any of this. Actually, I went into Target to buy 2 things: cups and food coloring for an experiment. But the One Spot aisle had chalkboard label stuff…so…can you really blame me?! Does it count that I’ve made a “craft drawer” in my office for it? 
P.S. I don’t do crafts.
I did remember to buy the food coloring in Target, so we got to do this fun weather experiment from my Weather Unit for Kids pack on Wednesday! We made it rain!!  
I kicked off the experiment with a question that I wrote on the board:  Why does it start to rain?  I think introducing your science experiments with a simple question is critical in the primary grades. We want our students to understand that scientists discover the world around them. Discovery starts with a question about the world around them. 🙂

Weston’s first Bark Box arrived!
 It was also his last box. The toy pig in the box was so loud that I tried hiding it from him one day. The blue ball was…weird. There was a ball inside the ball. ?? I must not be smarter than a dog..because I didn’t understand the point. Those brown sticks? Lamb jerky. Yuck. The only thing he enjoyed were the dental Twistix and the healthy apple treats.  #fail 
My kids started to make their own wordless picture books this week! They are LOVING every minute I give them to work on it. As they work, I circulate the room and ask them to tell me, in complete sentences, what is happening on that page of their story. This is really developing my students’ oral language skills and storytelling abilities.  They have to show a clear plot within their books. Next week, they will share their stories with the class by doing their very own read aloud sessions! 🙂
 Is anyone else besides me wondering if the picture below is supposed to be a human or an animal..? Or both…? 🙂 🙂
I started to work on this new pack last weekend. My kids have been attempting to use dialogue in their narratives, so I thought it was time to teach them about quotation marks within their writing.  I’m hoping to have this cute little pack posted by the end of the weekend. 🙂
We had a Punctuation Pasta Party after we learned where the quotation marks are located in a sentence with dialogue. They LOVED this!
Then, we did this really simple activity that they could not WAIT to do! (…I absolutely love my class this year. Even the simplest activities are exciting to them. They could not wait to make this little chick “talk” today!) They are doing such a good job at correctly writing dialogue! 
That was my week in pictures!  This weekend I am headed to Columbus to meet up with some fabulous blogging friends for a little shopping weekend. Yay!!! It is much needed.  I’ll be back Sunday to share my new dialogue mini unit for reading and writing with you! 🙂 

I’m also joining in on the Spring Cleaning Fun with other bloggers and putting my entire store on sale for the weekend! 🙂 Click the picture below to stock up on goodies for the rest of the year 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂 

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  1. I am so far behind in my blog reading I thought I would take some of my spring break to catch up. This would be why this comment is coming so late. I just want to say that I can't stop giggling over the picture that is either a human or an animal. I love it!! Thanks for sharing it!
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