September Currently!

After a wonderful, relaxing weekend of not doing much of anything, I’m linking up with Farley from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for her September Currently linky! 🙂

Listening:  These first few weeks of school are so tiring! Starbucks and I are officially Best Friends Forever.
Loving:  our first home!! We finally found one after we had decided to stop looking. It popped up and we told ourselves it would be the last one we looked at for awhile. I guess that’s how these things happen. 🙂 It all happened the weekend right before I went back to school. Talk about CRAZY timing!  My head is spinning from being so busy with back to school stuff and the realization that we have about a month to pack and get ready to move. But I am SO excited to have our own place and a home office to work in. 🙂 My husband and I are feeling VERY blessed. 🙂

Our New House!! 🙂
Thinking: of paint colors for the house. I found these really cool apps that I’ve been playing with all weekend.  They let you upload pics from your house and “paint” the walls to give you a glimpse of what the colors will look like.  Fun!!
iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 1

Wanting:  This will be our first week of small group reading and math in my classroom.  I think we’ve drilled routines enough and they are reading to go. (I hope!) 🙂

Needing:  To go to the store and pick up ingredients for our science experiments 
this week.  I’m using this adorable pack: Rainbow Science Fun from Sara Edgar and have picked out a few experiments from it to do with my firsties this week. I know they’re going to have so much fun!
Love Yourself (3 Things You Want To Accomplish This Month For YOU)  
  – Slow Down.  Things will get done and I don’t need to make myself crazy. 🙂
  -Continue my devotional. I started one this summer and I love it. It’s a devotional for Christian teachers that goes with the book The Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching.  It’s very good but I got away from making it a habit in August when school started to get crazy.  This month, I plan to dive back into it!

– Go to bed earlier! I went to bed WAY too late this summer and it’s been hard to get back into “school mode.”  🙂
Thanks for letting me share my Currently with you. 🙂 Link up with Farley by clicking {HERE}.  I’m off to run errands and visit with some family!  Happy Labor Day! 🙂

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  1. Christina, congrats on buying a new house! It's gorgeous and you will have so much fun decorating it! I wish I would have had those cool apps when we were building our house. It would have made things so much easier. Thanks for sharing those books. I'm going to check them out. They sound like something I really would love to read! Bedtime! I'm with ya on that one. I need to get to bed earlier than what I have been. I've been staying up way to late trying to get things marked off my "to do" list. Hope you have a great week!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Yay! I'm so happy you found a house Christina! Can't wait to hear all the details where you bought and when you're moving because last we chatted I thought you weren't looking for awhile! Our house was the last one we saw too but I definitely knew it was ours when I first saw it. 🙂

    Sprinkled in Second

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