Science Learning Lab: The Balloon Blow Up! {An Integrated Common Core Experience!}

I LOVE teaching and using science within my classroom to motivate my little learners! So it makes me sad when I often hear the same thing over and over again from teachers: “I don’t have TIME to teach science!”  Integrating subjects is always a challenge for educators, but it is something that is so important if we are to provide our kids with a well-rounded education that allows them to make connections between subjects, content, and ideas within their lives. 

I’m really excited to introduce a new series of products I am working on that make science instruction seamless and highly connected to the Common Core. The series is called Science Learning Labs! First up in the series: Science Learning Lab: The Balloon Blow Up! {An Integrated Common Core Experience!}

 Every Science Learning Lab will contain a fun, quick, and easy science experiment that is connected to Common Core reading and writing standards! Each experiment is linked to expository, informational, opinion, and narrative writing activities. Each writing activity is differentiated – choose the version that best meets your students’ needs! AND close reading passages with teacher reading plans, text evidence comprehension activities, and class book templates are all provided.  The experiment even contains everything you need to turn it into a Take Home Kit for your students! Step by step pictures, vocabulary posters, directions, and slides make setting up the lab easy-cheesy!


Everything needed to turn the lab into a Take Home Science Kit (optional):

Say goodbye for good to not having time for science! Science is a natural motivator for reluctant students.  It’s time to take advantage of the opportunities science provides – highly engaging, interactive learning integrated with nonfiction and fiction reading and writing standards!

Here are some preview pictures of the unit:

I had SO much fun making this unit and my kids are having a blast with it right now. I hope you enjoy it, too!  It will be on sale until midnight (EST).  You can find the unit by clicking HERE or clicking on the picture below to check it out in my TpT store.

 I’m also giving away 5 free copies on my Facebook page tonight! 🙂  The giveaway ends at 10:30pm EST. 

Visit my Facebook page below to enter:
Thank you so much for stopping by! I made a hypothesis this morning that I would be very tired today. My conclusion? I am exhausted!! 🙂  I’m going to be lazy and watch American Idol for a little bit before tackling some sub plans for Monday! 

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