A Valentine’s Math Game *Freebie* & My Latest Teacher Diagnosis

This past week was assessment-mania in my classroom!  We had Aims Web winter benchmarks and scoring, our quarterly math assessments, a Fundations unit test, and report cards all in one week.  I think I’m suffering from DOS – Data Overload Syndrome.  (I need to remember to call up WebMD and add this to their list.)

On the plus side, I did a little dance in my living room when I entered my AIMS Computation scores.  All but one of my students are above the national target score! YAY! I’m crediting this to my Daily 3 math schedule this year.  I changed a lot of it this summer and I’ve been able to get some serious reteaching and reinforcement done in my small groups.  
I’ve been working on some D3 math games that I want to use in February with my kiddos.  Here is a *freebie* for you that hopefully you can use!  It deals with counting money both up to and over $1.00.  You will need a die and some game markers (my kids use different colored eraser tops).  To use the spinner, put the point of the pencil through one end of the paper clip. Hold the pencil upright in one hand and flick the paper clip with the other. 
Happy Learning!

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  1. Thanks ladies! Julia, Daily 3 is like Daily 5 for Literacy. The Sisters are coming out with a "Daily 5 Math" and they have bits and pieces about it on their website. Since it is not out yet, I have scrapped together my own version. My Daily 3 Math choices are: Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math on Computer. 🙂 It's made math so much more fun! – Glad you could use the freebie.

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

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