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Winter Science Experiment *Freebie* :)

I have a student teacher! Her first day was yesterday and she has been *wonderful!* I’m so glad to have this experience as a cooperating teacher. My own student teaching was such a great experience and I hope I can make her student teaching just as memorable and encouraging! I’m also excited for the chance to co-teach during these next few weeks as she transitions to all-day teaching. Today I was able to get in 4 small math groups between the two of us – what a nice opportunity that was for my at-risk students!

To celebrate a productive math day, I’m giving away one of my winter science activities as a *freebie!* This is a great way to teach how scientists need to observe closely and draw conclusions. Just a note, it needs to be done on a cold, snowy day. 🙂

Click the preview picture below to download your science freebie!

Enjoy and Happy Learning!

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  1. I was just talking about being excited for having a student teacher in the future (hopefully next year)! I look forward to reading about your experience as a cooperating teacher and I'm grabbing your freebie too 🙂

  2. 🙂 so glad you stopped by! Thanks for becoming a follower and I hope you like the science experiment! I'll keep you all posted about my co-op experience. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your blog looks great!! I am a new follower! I tried to download your science freebie, but it said I didn't have permission to view it.


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