Wordless Wednesday August 6: Lunch Choice Chart!

On Facebook last week, I asked you all how you ran your lunch choice system. Yesterday, a bloggy friend was surprised that “salad” was a daily choice at our school.  Our students have one hot lunch choice and salad is an alternative if they do not choose the hot lunch.
So my question this week is:
What are the choices your students have if they buy their lunch at school?
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  1. My students always have 2 hot choices. We always offer bagel and yogurt as an option. We too offer salad as a daily option until about January when lettuce becomes really expensive. If we have a special diet they will make a salad for them. We have about 90 different hot lunches that rotate. I hate that we can't put option 1 or 2 for their morning choice because most of my firsties can't read the menu so I have pictures of EVERY real menu item magnetized and they put their number under that. It's such a pain. Thanks for hosting one of my fav linkys of the summer!!

  2. My students either pack or buy hot lunch. When we still had three lunch periods, my sixers ate lunch with the junior high and they had the option to choose a salad. After our new, bigger, cafeteria was built, and we reduced the lunch periods to two, my sixers, who now eat with K-5 no longer have a salad option (nor do I). Such a cute way to tally your student lunches! We have to enter our lunch count on computer so I just call my kiddos' names as I go down the list.


  3. Hi Christina, Our hot lunchers always have two choices of entree. They almost always have a salad as a choice, sometimes in addition to the entrees. Also, kids who bring lunch from home can go in after the line comes through and take from the salad bar for free. I'm going to be posting this week on how I get fruits and veges into the kids' hands for our classroom snacks, too! Stay tuned. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  4. I am so jealous your school has a salad option, I would buy lunch everyday! Our school has one hot option and that is it. And the lunches are tiny for the HS students I teach; they serve the same size lunch to all grade levels so many HS students end up buying 2 lunches!

  5. My school (K-2) does a few different hot lunches every day, certain ones like Taco/Nacho Tuesdays are regular but there isn't really a pattern. There is also a small salad bar. The part that I can't wrap my mind around and is completely different about my current school than any other I've been in, is that we don't do a lunch count, the kids choose when they get there. The problem with this is that 1st grade usually eats last and the Cafe is often out of things like hot dogs or chicken fingers, the staples that kids will go to if they don't like the other choice. You can imagine what this might do to some young kids, especially if there are any emotional issues. I wish they did a lunch count so that there is enough of what the kids actually want to eat made each day.

  6. Our school has a main, hot lunch; chicken nuggets; at least 2 – 3 changing choices per month – sometimes, that choice is a salad. Every Friday is pizza – cheese or pepperoni.

  7. We have a choice of three main hot dishes (a different selection each day) plus you can order baked potatoes with either cheese, beans or tuna filling and there is also the option of a packed lunch and salad bar so I am now thinking we are rather spoilt for choice! Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  8. Our school district always offers two hot lunches and one cold lunch choice. If a student does not have any money for lunch they can get a 'courtesy lunch' which consists of a salad, a fruit, and milk. We also provide breakfast at no cost for each student in our school. Some days there is a hot breakfast like mini-waffles or breakfast pizza, other days it's a cold breakfast like yogurt or cereal. Every child at our school can eat two meals a day with us, so even though we have no control over if they are able to get dinner at night, they can at least come to school and have two meals each day!! Love your lunch choice chart, I did mine on the SMART Board last year but I love your idea!!!

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons

  9. At my school, kids have 4(!) choices for buying lunch: 2 different hot lunch choices that change each day. There are also 2 more choices: one which changes weekly (e.g., one week it might be hummus with pita bread, the next week that choice changes to yogurt parfait bar) and then the last choice is always cereal and yogurt. Even with all those options, I still always have at least one student tell me they don't like any of them! 😉
    – Kelly 🙂
    Mrs. Campbell's Kids

  10. While there can be four or five options for lunch each day, we limit our preschoolers to a pair of hot lunches or a PBJ. I work closely with the students to help them decide. And since sometimes little ones choose foods that they do not like, I also keep notes on who likes what.

  11. I need to apologize for how many times I messed up on linking my blog. Can you delete the #45 and #46 links before my 3rd and final one. Good grief! Can you tell it was my first time?!?!

  12. Hi Christina, my district offers a hot choice and a cold choice and a rotating salad bar every six weeks! The kids get SO excited about it, and it's the cutest thing because they serve themselves buffet style. Anyway, thanks for hosting, awesome linky party!

  13. We have 2 hot options and salad, often one option is chicken nuggets and Fridays are always pizza days ( switched between dominos and papa johns). As a side note when we turn in lunch count we have to mark what each child specifically is getting, at my old school they just needed a count (5 cheese 8 pepperoni for instance) so I think it's a huge pain!

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