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The Story I Couldn’t Make Up & Word Family Warm-Ups for Reading and Phonics Practice!

There are some stories you just can’t make up.  Really.  I couldn’t make up this story if I tried – or wanted to.  

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for awhile, you’ll remember that last summer I spent the day after my wedding in the ER with a kidney stone.   Day 1 of marriage and my husband and I learned about the quote “in sickness and in health.”

This past weekend, Chris and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary….

in the ER!    Sunday was our anniversary and also Father’s Day.  We were about five minutes into dinner at my in-laws before my husband started to complain about pains he was feeling in his lower back.  I looked at my mother-in-law and we both seemed to be saying to each other “No. Way.”  Chris took a motorcycle course over the weekend, so I thought maybe he had pulled something in his back.  After all, what would be the chances of another kidney stone from one of us exactly a year later on our anniversary?

It was a kidney stone.  What makes our little story even better is that the same girl that gave me a cat-scan last year also gave Chris one Sunday night. He was making small talk, telling her it was our anniversary when she suddenly said “Oh, I remember your wife! Did you two ever get on the plane to go on your honeymoon?”  As we left the ER that night, we waved goodbye to the nurses and told them thank you.  They told us to find a better way to celebrate our anniversary next year. 🙂 Chris is feeling much better now and we are having a do-over of our anniversary this weekend instead haha. 🙂

In other news, I have a brand new product to share with you!  It’s called Word Family Warm-Ups for Phonics and Reading Practice.  
It is a 70 page packet that covers over 30 commonly taught word families.  Each word family warm-up practice page has a consistent format – a fun, interactive page that has a trace/read/write section, a word hunt, a section that students color code based on real and nonsense words as they practice decoding skills, and a short, silly story that students read for fluency and illustrate for comprehension. Use them for morning work, weekly homework, as a word work center, or as whole group or independent practice. There are lots of possibilities!
It also comes with coordinating posters to use in your mini-lesson or post as visual aides throughout the week.
If you head to my TpT store and download the free preview version, there is a free warm-up page and poster included so that you can test it out!  Click HERE to head over to the product.
I’m always on the lookout for word family and phonics activities that promote fluency and comprehension practice as well – and in this little pack does just that!  I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Be one of the first FIVE followers to leave a comment below, with your email address, and I will send you this new learning pack for free!

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  1. Truly some amazing odds…how are you going to top that next year?! Well, you'll have something to entertain the grandkids with!

    WOuld love this packet…you are so clever and everything always looks so visually appealing!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  2. Kidney stones – yuk, yuk, yuk!! Been there, done that, don't EVER wanna go back! That's an occasion when you don't want your dr. to tell you that you ROCK! Happy anni, you two, but this is a tradition you need to crush!! lol

    Your word family set is so cute!

    Please stop by my blog and respond to yesterday's post, Monday Memo.


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