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A Short and Tiny Tour of My 2015 Classroom!

Whew! These past few couple weeks have been BUSY! Between putting my classroom together, lesson planning, organizing, and learning a new math program we recently adopted, I am tired with a capital T! 

I’m sure you can relate to this crazy time of the year for teachers. I have slacked a bit on my blog this past month, but I am hoping to get back into routine as I head back to school…..tomorrow!! That’s right, tomorrow is our first day of school with kids. I am so excited! Tonight was Meet the Teacher night and WOW do I have the sweetest little firsties! It’s going to be an amazing year. 

Tonight, I wanted to share some pictures with you of my 2015-2016 classroom. For the first time in my teaching career, I did NOT add or change a lot to my room. It was actually an enlightening feeling! I realized that I am 120% in love with my classroom decor. So why change it if I already adore it?! Here we go!

 The picture above is a view from the front of my room, looking to the back. Since tonight was Meet the Teacher night, their information packet, classroom handbook, a little letter about myself, and some first day “confetti” was placed on their desks! 
 This is our little library center and part of our classroom rug. The classroom rug is from Kid Carpet. This corner has not changed from last year. I just love how cozy it is! I did add some more plants to our classroom this year, since they bring a home-like feel to our room.
 This is the front of our whole-group meeting area. The blue disc chair was from Walmart last year. The little pink ottoman is from Target. 🙂 That easel is 8 years old! My mom bought it for me from Big Lots when I snagged my first teaching position. It needs replaced but I have a weird emotional attachment to that thing haha! 
 I use to have a little blue rug under these ottomans. I LOVE using ottomans in the classroom for seating because they provide storage as well! It’s a win-win! This year, I opted for a purple rug, and I love the look! Behind the rug is our math bookshelf. This bookshelf holds our Write On/Wipe Off Math Games throughout the year. 
 Here is a view from the door. In the corner, you can see a glimpse of our small group reading table. I love our counters! The flower lights that are hanging from the cabinets are from Pier 1.  I picked those up in the clearance section after summer had ended a few years ago. 
 This is a close-up of our WBT Class Rules Posters! This is a FREEBIE in my store! You can find the posters by clicking HERE
 This pink milk crate will house our tablets and iPads this year. Last year, we just stacked them on the counter, but the cords got SO messy! Since I do not have a fancy tablet cart, I thought this might work better this year.  I will thread the charging cords through the holes in the back and plug them into the wall outlet.  I have six tablets, so each cord will go through one of the holes in the back of the crate. I’m hoping it looks a little more tidy! 🙂
 Above is a picture of our fiction bookshelf. The top shelf houses my teacher read alouds. The bottom three shelves hold some of our fiction books that students can read and use for book-shopping for Daily 5 time.
 When I gave my Periscope tour of my classroom, some friends were asking me how I organize my teacher read-alouds. Here is a little close-up for you so that you can see! 🙂
 This is our classroom schedule. The cards are editable and when laminated, are write-on/wipe-off so that you can draw in the time for each subject. You can find these schedule cards in my store by clicking HERE.  
To the right of my schedule are our SUPER Solvers math posters. These are the steps my students take when they are solving word problems within our classroom. You can find this pack, complete with editable word problem pages, in my store by clicking HERE
 This is our word wall! It has not changed from last year. In fact, I was able to stretch the paper a bit and re-use it for this year! Yay! The editable word wall letters can be found HERE
 This is a close-up of my Word Work bulletin board. You can read all about how I organize and manage our word work words for differentiation in my blog post found HERE
That is my little tour this year! Like I mentioned, not much has changed from last year – and I absolutely love it! I love re-decorating a room, but if you were busy and exhausted like I was this year, please know that if you already love your room, it’s totally OK to keep it the same! So, find those colors that make you the happiest and own it! 🙂 
Thanks for visiting my blog today! Here is a little collage to end my 2015-2016 tour. 
I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I’m looking for stools for my classroom – and I love the pink – orange and those type colors cause they match my classroom perfectly. All I have found are primary colors. Can you share where you found them please. Thank you. Oh and I adore your room!!!!

  2. Your room is so welcoming! Who wouldn’t want to be in your class? What did you cover your back cabinets with?

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Hello! The plastic numbers come from the Touch Math website. I hot glued magnets on the back of them. 🙂

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