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Word Work Organization

Usually at this time of the year, I am already printing things off, laminating, and creating things for next school year.  This year, I took a different approach.  I haven’t done anything for next year.  Instead, I’m taking the time to really organize my classroom, sift through unneeded items, sort files, and organize binders, so that the behind-the-scenes part of my classroom can be as effective as possible next year.  I already feel so much better about my room. 

Last week’s project was my Word Work cabinet. Every week or so, I switch out the material that is in my word work bins for Daily 5.  I have 6 bins that are all alike.  Each bin has the same materials in it.  This allows me to switch things up throughout the year, keep the material fresh, and, it makes management of the bins very easy.
 I would cringe as I opened the cabinet this year, because it usually meant markers, stamp pads, mini chalkboards, or magnetic letters would come tumbling down and hit me on the head. (Yes, that is a box of Q-Tips in the cabinet. No, I have no idea why they are there haha!)  My cabinet was horrendous.  Most of my friends probably wouldn’t believe that the inside of my cupboard looked like this…but it did!  
Before Picture:
It was time to get organized.  I wanted to be able to quickly switch out my materials and actually FIND them when I needed them.
After Picture:
Ta-da!  Inside each tub are six sets of that material to quickly put in bins. For example, my colored pencil tub has six baggies of colored pencils to quickly throw into the tubs, my “stamps” tub has six sets of alphabet stamps with six stamp pads.  I threw any extras I had in each tub as well, so that everything is all together.  
Here’s a close up of what I have in my Word Work cupboard:

Are you a “spring cleaner” at this time of the school year or is your head already spinning about next year?  
Later this week, I’ll share how I plan to organize school supplies next year, as well as a freebie of school supply labels for your bins and tubs! 🙂 
Stop back soon! : )
Happy Learning,

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  1. Love it! Saw this on pinterest and pinned it to come back and read later. OK, I have a question if you get a chance to come back and answer … on the magnetic letters, did you do six bags of those as well, as in 6 complete sets?

    I have just two students doing word work as we homeschool, but I love your idea of having these things ready to go. I struggle with getting bins going (and keeping them rotated) and I know this would make it so much easier!

    Also, I think the thing you call "gel board" is one of the mini boards that my 3YO has in the car like where you write with a little attached pencil and then swipe to erase? Is that what it is? I would love to know how you use that in your classroom. I never thought of using it for word work.

    Going now to peruse your blog some more! Thanks for sharing!

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