Guest Blogger Ann Fausnight – Back to School Vocabulary Activity!

Hi, My name is Ann Fausnight.  I have kindly been invited by Christina to be a guest blogger.  This is my first invitation and I am very excited to share!  I can usually be found at

I love exploring this blog. It is so bright and filled with enthusiasm for teaching! Her first graders are in for a dynamite year!

Here is a fun beginning of the year activity that promotes brainstorming (excellent for vocabulary because it brings forward students’ prior knowledge), categorizing (excellent for vocabulary instruction because it helps students make connections), and collaboration (again an excellent strategy because conversation helps students retain learning).

Click the picture below to download this activity.

For this activity students should work with a partner or a series of partners.  I will have mine choose one partner for each category.  They are encouraged to think of as many possibilities as they can for each box, then choose a favorite.  They do not have to agree nor do they have to worry about spelling.  After about 10 minutes move to a new partner and brainstorm foods.  For the friend category, students might need to be reassured that the names don’t all have to be people they know, just names of friends they might meet someday. Students who finish a column early could talk with their partner about ways they are alike and different.

Beginning today, and every day for the next three weeks of school you can find my Word of the Day cards on my blog.

I have enjoyed sharing in a new space! Thanks, Christina, for allowing me to share in your joyful blog!

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