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The Friendship Fairy Unit & Craftivity!

It’s finally finished!  I’ve been busy the past two weeks creating a character-building project for my classroom.  I have some students this year who are having a difficult time understanding how to be kind and caring friends in our room (even though I teach and preach this from Day One…).  This gave me the idea to create a friendship unit and year-long project I can use with my kiddos.  

At my school, we have Kindness Coupons.  It is a great way to promote kindness and positive behavior.  If a teacher notices a student doing a random act of kindness, the student earns a coupon.  They can then trade their coupons in for a reward from the office. Coupons can be earned by helping a teacher, cleaning up the classroom without being asked, etc.  

I decided to create a project that focuses solely on how my students treat one another in our room.  Hence – The Friendship Fairy!  She (or he) flies around the room on the lookout for wonderful friendships.  The pack has many different tools teachers can choose to use throughout the year: desk notes, Friendship Fairy coupons, punch cards, and certificates.  It also includes four different writing activities and a cute Friendship Fairy craftivity! It comes with a Friendship Fairy classroom poster, thinking map, tree map, friendship contract, and eight friendship scenario cards to use for a class discussion and in class meetings.  

I’m so excited to use this in my first grade classroom next year!  You can find the unit in my TPT store by clicking on the pictures below!  

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t posted anything new to TPT in quite awhile.  To celebrate my new Friendship Fairy craftivity & unit, I’m giving this learning pack away to the first *10* followers to leave a comment below! 🙂  

Happy Learning,

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