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“Did you get my email?” & Neon Doodling!

It did not take long for my firsties to become experts at using our new Google Nexus 7 tablets.  They are loving them – and so am I, because this week I do not have to stamp or check any of my students’ Word Work.  I’m simply checking my email.  

We started our week by learning how to type our trick words (sight words) into this Simple Notepad app.  It’s a basic tablet notepad and very easy to use.  Here is the one we used:
Remember, our Google Nexus 7 tablets run on the Android system, so this app will not work for iPads.  However, there are TONS of good notepads available for iPads.  The one the iPad comes pre-loaded with works great! 
My students practiced typing skills by making a big list of all of the current trick words we are practicing.  I taught them to enter their name as the Subject Line, hit “Send” and Viola!  I simply scrolled through my email and checked to make sure everyone had been on task and working.  The best part is, the kids had SO much fun with it and felt very “grown up.”  
I’ve been working hard on organizing my word work materials. This year, as I would go to open up the cabinet, my kids could be heard yelling “Watch out!”  Things would fall out, bop me on the head, come alive…it was a mess.   I’m adding new materials so my word work bins will always stay “fresh.”  (Remember, I just put one material in the bins at a time. You can read more about the way I manage my word work for Daily 5 by clicking HERE.)  I can’t wait to show you my “work in progress” later this week when my cabinet is finally organized. 🙂

I was strolling through Target tonight and saw this little gadget.  It was relatively cheap – $4.99 – and I thought it looked like a fun new twist for word work practice! 🙂  It writes like a gel pad in neon colors (there are other colors available).  The best part is, the pen is attached so it will never get lost!  I know my kids will have SO much fun next year when they see these little guys in their word work bins one week.  The product is from Fisher Price and is called the Doodle Pro Neon.  It says for ages 3+ but even I had fun using it! 

I hope you’re having a great week!  🙂  Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Learning,

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