Fall Interactive Reading Passages for Your INB!

Today I want to share with you one of my newer additions to my TpT store: Interactive Reading Passages {Fall Edition}! I am super excited about these new passages and my first graders are just eating them up!  Let’s take a look inside this new series!
I am so excited to introduce a series of reading passages that will focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary, text evidence, and a wide variety of comprehension skills – all combined into one easy to use pack that is very LOW PREP! 🙂 One of the best parts of these passages? The text is MANAGEABLE for young and beginning readers. They won’t feel overwhelmed by the length or complexity – therefore boosting their confidence and allowing them to focus on comprehension and vocabulary discussion! 
These passages fit into a regular sized spiral notebook. However, if you’d like to use composition books, you can shrink the size on the copier to make it fit – easy cheesy! 🙂 Adding the passages to your Interactive Notebook is EASY:
Trim (I just use the paper cutter to trim the entire class set at once!)
 Cut the Interactive Notebook feature at the bottom. 
These passages just take ONE little cut to make two flaps. Some passages require just two cuts to make three flaps. These are SOO low prep!! No need to spend lots of time cutting and gluing complicated notebook pieces before you tackle the standards! Eliminate that time and add instructional minutes to your lesson. 🙂
 Glue the top of the passage into a notebook.
 Fold up the flaps at the bottom of the passage to create your “Interactive Notebook” feature!
 Ta-da! You now have an age appropriate passage, with an INB feature for comprehension, that is ALL on the SAME page!! This is IDEAL for little readers!!
 Let’s take a look at some example pages! 
Students highlight the three Tier 2 or Tier 3 vocabulary words prior to reading. You can discuss these words with your students before you read the passage or while you read the passage in order to focus on context clues! 
 Each passage comes with a Text Evidence feature. Students have to go back into the text and underline a detail, fact, or specific piece of information from the passage. 
 The pack spirals between lots of different comprehension strategies. 
Find the entire Interactive Reading Passages Fall Edition pack in my Tpt Store by clicking HERE or clicking on the cover page below. In the PREVIEW file, you will also find a FREE sample passage that you can use to “Try before you buy!” Have fun! I hope you find these passages as effective for your reading block as I have! 🙂

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