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Weekend App Attack: Geoboards!

If you are like me, I hate clutter in my classroom.  In fact, I spent wayyy too long after school yesterday cleaning/sorting/organizing.  I still have a long way to go but the clutter I’ve collected from this school year is slowly fading away. 

It is beautiful today, so my post is going to be short and sweet.  I want to share a new iPad app that you can use in the classroom for math!

My school is common-core crazy right now, and one of the items on our math maps for next year is the use of geoboards.  My kids LOVE geoboards but I hate storing them.  They are big, bulky, awkward, and not easy to stack and store.  My solution of course? “There has to be an app for that!”  And…there is!

This is a free app called Geoboard.  You can download it from the iTunes store by clicking {HERE}.

The kids can do everything they can on a real Geoboard – only virtually.  What an awesome way to connect math and technology.  Here are some screen shots of what the app looks like:

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 4
I can’t wait to use this app in the classroom next year.  A few of my firsties tried it out during our math rounds this week and loved it!  They had so much.  I’m thinking a few task cards of shapes they need to make, plus this app would make a great learning station! 
I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s App Attack and find this free math app useful for your classroom.  
Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 
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