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As many of you know, April is Autism Awareness month and it really is a subject that is near to my heart.  My best friend, who was also my maid of honor in my wedding, has a nephew with autism.  He is so precious and we just love him.  He has a fascination with any kind of machine.  In fact, I was Face timing on the iPhone with him earlier this week and while I wanted to show him Weston, my puppy, he was totally not interested in the dog! “Can I see your washer and dryer, Christina?” he said.  “My washer and dryer? Sure, I guess so!”  Haha we had so much fun on the phone and I can honestly say he is the first person I’ve ever shown my washer, dryer, dishwasher, and garbage disposal to on the phone.  He’s adorable!

As teachers, we will encounter children with Autism in our classrooms, so I think it’s important that as more and more research comes out, we stay as informed as we can.  I’ve linked up with Danielle over at Crayonbox Learning to share a freebies that teachers or parents can use. 

I know that visual reminders and cues for autistic children can be very helpful in both school, home, and other social settings.  The following freebie is very simple but hopefully very useful!  These are restroom reminder cards that can be used to help children remember restroom tasks in order. The cards contain a toilet, sink, soap, paper towel, and garbage can pictures that can help students remember what order to complete the tasks in. Teachers can use all of the cards as visual reminders or just a few that they believe the child needs. 

You can click on the picture to download this freebie from Google Docs.

Please visit Danielle’s blog for more information about her Autism Link Up.  You can also share your own ideas and activities by linking up with her.  Click {HERE} to link up!  Below are other bloggers who are sharing in this event. 


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