Wordless Wednesday: Student Desk Organization!

Last week on Wordless Wednesday, I shared a picture of my “teacher desk” organization. This week, I’m sharing a picture of what my students’ desks (usually) look like during the school year! We spend a lot of time discussing which items go on the left of our desk and which items should be placed on the right. I believe that organization is a habit that we need to instill in our children, and we can start them on this habit EARLY! 🙂  
My question this week:  Do you have a specific way you expect your students’ desks to be? I will often use the “desk fairy” as a bribe for clean desks – do you have any other tricks or tips to “Clean Student Desk Success?” 🙂 If so, share with me below!! 
If you have a blog, link up your photograph of the week with me below! Be sure to link back to this blog post so we can find you! 🙂 Thanks for joining in!

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  1. I teach middle school, our desks don't have storage, they do have a little shelf under the chair. Our students leave things behind when changing periods. I have a mailbox for each of my students in the back of the room, if something important is left behind, I just place it in their mailbox. It was nice visiting with you today. Damarise

  2. I am so picky about this! We talk about big things on the bottom, small on top, and do a desk clean every Friday. They know that I'll come looking because I love to dump a messy desk on the floor, and no one wants that!

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  3. I started off extremely picky about desks, and then got lax the last two years. My goal this year is to post a picture and hold them accountable for their desks this year! I have two recess days per week where I will be available in my class for Study Hall, so I think I will do desk checks on those days & have any students with messy / unorganized desks fix it during their recess time.

  4. I like student's desks to be neat, but as we know in a class of 20 at least 5 (or more) aren't the neatest ones. I should go back to using the desk fairy. I used it a few years ago. Now, having a clean desk and being organized is part of their behavior grades for conduct which I take once a week. Clean desk and being organized is only part of the grade, but I check once a week and track it through Class Dojo points. We have desk cleanings a few times a trimester too.

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  5. My students keep their backpacks in their desks to free up the closet for their snow gear (Alaska). I have chair covers for them to keep their things (folder, iPad, pencil pouch). We also collect certain supplies as community supplies. If they bring other things, it has to stay in their backpacks in their desk. At the end of the day, their desk should be empty! I love it. I usually only end up with 1-2 horribly messy desks and that is when I forget to be consistent with having them leave their desks open at the end of the day.

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