Visual Behavior Strategy with Freebie!

I have a very sweet group of first graders this year.  I have only 21 of them so my numbers are much lower than last year, which is so nice for small groups!  However, I do have some challenges in my classroom this year.  As many of you know, I have the inclusion classroom.  This comes with not only academic challenges but behavioral challenges.  Classroom management is one I take great pride in, but as always, we sometimes need to get creative as teachers and our general management techniques do not always work for each and every child that steps into our classroom.

We have only had three full weeks of school, but I have already needed to create and implement some behavior strategies for one of my little sweeties.  I adore this little kid – I can tell that deep down, there is an ability to not only behave but a hidden excitement for learning.  My goal this year is to develop and achieve both of these goals. 🙂  

This strategy was developed to help my student sit at the carpet appropriately.  We were having trouble with not only sitting on our bottom but resisting the want to make distracting noises, keep our hands to ourselves, and focus on what we are learning. During read alouds, I was having to stop every two pages to give a verbal reminder, prompt, or warning.  This was not only exhausting but it was taking away from the purpose and focus of my lesson for the other kids. After collaborating with the wonderful intervention specialist who I co-teach with (I truly cannot sing her praises enough), we came up with this visual reminder to help my little buddy check himself at the carpet.

Stop Sign Visual Cues.  
During carpet mini-lessons, if the student is distracting or not showing carpet expectations, I simply put a stop sign on the side of my chair (this is a place the child can see it, because the student’s carpet spot is right beside my chair).  If I have to put up 3 stop signs, the student must then move his/her behavior clip down our behavior ladder.  
This allows the student to get three visual reminders and prompts before having to move a clip, which provides plenty of chances to change his/her behavior.  More importantly, it allows me to give the prompt and reminder without having to stop what I am doing with the class.  I simply keep the stop signs clipped to my chair and stick one to the side of the chair when I need to remind or cue the student to check his/her behavior.  No more stopping my read alouds or mini-lessons to constantly give out verbal reminders! 🙂
To make the stop signs, I simply attached velcro dots to the side of my chair.
I cut out stop signs, laminated them, and put velcro on the back.
You could use this anywhere in the room where you need a visual prompt for students.  These stop signs could also be used as whole class reminders while you’re at the carpet or at an activity such as a small group reading table.   
This behavior plan has helped make our mini-lessons more peaceful.  We still have a long ways to go, but every day gets a little bit better. 🙂
You can grab your own copy of stop signs to use in your room by clicking below and downloading the following PDF from Google Docs by clicking HERE.  
Enjoy! I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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